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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Jun 27 09:58:53 EST 1998

>You are assuming addictive, and are obviously not informed as to the effects
>of most current medications with regards to their abilities to control
>serotonin and their specificity when targeting serotonin neuro-receptors.

So there are no changes in the receptor-molecule numbers, nor in

>although strange it is possible to effect the brain permanantly with LSD but
>it is by affecting the HT2c neuro-receptor not by "reconfiguring" the brain.
I do not feel like starting a discussing about making different
pathways and altering stuff in the emotion generators
with someone who obviously is not having much experience.
But the bit about the HT2c areas is interesting: In which areas of the
brain are they? And how are they affected?

>By taking large and consistent amounts of LSD you can affect this
>neuro-receptor which has been tied to psychoses, anxiety, and aggression.
Would amaze me if that one was the only one.
I more know in sectors, but there are several that are not exactly
close together where there are alterations of you take too much too
And if you take the stuff once at least with me it tends to be in the
background for about 6 weeks and then sort of an "opposite phase"

>>But seriously: If someone goes to such counseling, then what CAN they
>Counseling for ADD is more designed to have a placebo effect, 

You are getting the point that I was aiming at.

But not the one that if you have a brain you have that brain, and to
not accept that some do not have the same brain like others and
drugging them is doubtful, especially when done by people who do not
even understand all the effects in all the sectors.
A lot of stuff in the brain if I alter something in one program, the
effect might easily travel via some other place to a third one, alter
programs there and the whole load triggering tons of reactions in body
A lot there is a very complicated balance, and I have an aversion
against people altering stuff in others there, especially in children.
Oten not even understanding what they are doing to the other one,  nor
even what is different in the other one, and with children often
making it very clear to them that in their natural form they are so
unbearable that they have to be drugged.
The little trick with success and more axon growth and the general
topic of tolerance for people being different somehow in some not
seeming to be there.

>the mere act of actively trying to change ones life,
Lol.  And for that one needs counseling? Some people must have a dull
life... There are those content if it does not change for a change for
a while!   And those who pack their stuff and go off to other
continents as they find it is time for a little change...
maybe going to Asia to ask some folks there to teach them wisdom or
live with some Red Indians in the jungle or go to other places far off
from where they were before  or travelling many places to learn a lot
of different ways...
Ever considered trying that?
> combined with the appropriate neuro-chemistry......

With some very few exceptions the appropriate neuro-chemistry is that
you are having by nature.

Given that there are thousands of ways to alter it for the knowing
ones in natural ways, I'd say a person has many ways to alter
something within.
Exception f.e. being if really something is COMPLETELY missing that
should be there.
(....But having the right friends and partner(s) even if something is
completely missing  as long as it is not too important  the person
might still be more content than many not having those.) 

And just for curiosity: How do you want to look into another brain to
know what is the appropriate neuro-chemistry? Never met anyone who
could get ALL the  subprograms of even just all of their sectors in
nor even all sectors.
In order to know what is the appropriate neuro-chemistry for another
system you might have to understand thousands of "settings" in the
main emotion areas and hormone production sites and transmitter
amounts and so on, possibly to quite an extent what other settings
would do, and if someone is having brain damages also understand the
compensation mechanisms, that can often reach gigantic extensions in
the brain and body, and that might be on a quite unique total setting
for that individual, so that there might not even be one second one on
Earth alive to compare that setting to.

(If you do not undestand what I mean just read about different effect
of drugs in some people with MBD.)

I do not say that drugs are always wrong, but given thousands of other
ways that in many cases might be effective maybe any counseling should
aim at those, and maybe as such the question should be raised why not
to accept people in their difference and instead of wasting money on
tanks, put a little aside for those who are different so that they can
develop the way normal to them instead of being drugged in the attempt
to make them conform to a norm not theirs.

And if you'd look at some of the special abilities some who are
different have, that are often totally ignored or even destroyed, you
might notice how much is lost for humanity and how many childhoods are
turned into hardships for not doing so.

And concerning changing life, that might be very tricky in the case of
some people I know, as they are having weird brains, weird abilities
and very different emotional programs, lacking some of the normal
ones, so that to think yourself into a damaged brain and figure out
the "constellations" and differences might be (short of) impossible in
many areas.
If you can't understand what it is like to f.e. have less connections
(& maybe less cells) in and between sectors, 
so that f.e. hypothalamus control is down, frontal counter-powering
against emotions is down, parallel front processing and own processing
powers are down, then it might be easy to babble about controlling
aggression and other emotions, and putting a little more effort into
things that are easy for others, but there might be very little
understanding about how difficult it really is, and that there might
be alternatives in some areas instead, that are not even possible in
that form for many other people  and that they might not even

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