What Is hypercentilation?

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Sun Jun 28 13:59:56 EST 1998

One of many, many desperate seekers seeking without first checking the
spelling (cf. chap looking for "coroid" plexus, another looking for
"Hughinton's disease", etc., etc.):  hyper VENT ilation (i.e.,
hyperventilation).  If you look under correct spelling you will see
references going back many decades--in almost any medical, psychiatric,
or psychological text in almost any library.

Means simply "ventilating" too much--i.e. breathing too rapidly and
shallowly.  May begin as an expression of anxiety, but it then produces
physiological changes which will perpetuate anxiety.

REMEDY: breath slowly and deeply.  For ex., count slowly to four while
inhaling, hold breath for 2-3 seconds, slowly exhane.  Repeat. Again.
And again, until it becomes a natural (normal) way of breathing.

Might also help to relax body muscles, think about pleasant, calming
things, and perhaps seeking professional counseling to identify and
deal with whatever made the hyperventilator so nervous to begin with.

In <35962E64.C03D0CF8 at fpnet.co.nz> Ben Smit <bensmit at fpnet.co.nz>
>My mother is suffering from frequent dizzy spells that has
>diagnosed as hypercentilation. Could someone please explain
>what hypercentilation is exactly, and where I can find
>information about this.
>Ben Smit
>bensmit at fpnet.co.nz

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