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Rather than chiding the neuroscientifically challenged for not checking
spelling, look on it as a data point in auditory psychology.  If Ben Smit was
only presented with the word "hyperventilation" orally and had never heard it
before, he might well _hear_ "hypercentilation" and, for all he knows, there
might _be_ a word "hypercentilation" that means something different from

What you hear depends not only on the sequence of vibrations that reach your
ears, but also on your previous experiences -- just as occurs in the visual

Patrick Spangler

In article <6n63rc$nhq at sjx-ixn10.ix.netcom.com>,
  flefever at ix.netcom.com(F. Frank LeFever) wrote:
> One of many, many desperate seekers seeking without first checking the
> spelling (cf. chap looking for "coroid" plexus, another looking for
> "Hughinton's disease", etc., etc.):  hyper VENT ilation (i.e.,
> hyperventilation).  If you look under correct spelling you will see
> references going back many decades--in almost any medical, psychiatric,
> or psychological text in almost any library.
> Means simply "ventilating" too much--i.e. breathing too rapidly and
> shallowly.  May begin as an expression of anxiety, but it then produces
> physiological changes which will perpetuate anxiety.
> REMEDY: breath slowly and deeply.  For ex., count slowly to four while
> inhaling, hold breath for 2-3 seconds, slowly exhane.  Repeat. Again.
> And again, until it becomes a natural (normal) way of breathing.
> Might also help to relax body muscles, think about pleasant, calming
> things, and perhaps seeking professional counseling to identify and
> deal with whatever made the hyperventilator so nervous to begin with.
> In <35962E64.C03D0CF8 at fpnet.co.nz> Ben Smit <bensmit at fpnet.co.nz>
> writes:
> >
> >My mother is suffering from frequent dizzy spells that has
> >been
> >diagnosed as hypercentilation. Could someone please explain
> >what hypercentilation is exactly, and where I can find
> >further
> >information about this.
> >
> >Thanks
> >
> >Ben Smit
> >bensmit at fpnet.co.nz
> >

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