Spelling (was "Re: What Is hypercentilation?")

SG "SG" at $$$$$$ermine.ox.ac.uk
Tue Jun 30 06:10:09 EST 1998

F. Frank LeFever wrote:

> I am more perplexed by his subsequent
> error, timidity, or intellectual laziness.
> Given the grave seriousness of the problem, shouldn't he have made at
> least some effort to ascertain whether he had heard this strange new
> term correctly?  e.g., "What was that, doc? Did you say
> hypercentilation??  How do you spell that?"

I think that accusations above have no grounds and may be offensive. 
What if there was a typographic error in DOCTOR's WRITTEN notes?
(should we accuse Frank for laziness and lack of effort in looking at
the location of letters "V" and "C" on the keyboard? :)

The only Ben Smith's sin in that case would be his belief in doctors'
infallibility, but is this really a vice that deserves pointing out in
such patronising tone?


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