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In <3596f5ab.2665974 at news.enteract.com> jer at enteract.com (J E) writes: 
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>This group is geared toward the discussion of molecular,
>pharmacological, and electrophysiological techniques to elucidate the
>underlying structures of the nervous system.  Period.

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Well, not "period"; perhaps "semicolon"?  Followed by a reference to
behavioral and cognitive aspects?  Taking the example of the Society
for Neuroscience: while more molecular (cellular, etc.) studies may
dominate papers presented at its annual meetings, there is a small but
significant group of papers which include behavioral dependent and/or
independent variables (my own presentions are in this
category)--although of course based on experimental manipulations,
objective measurements, etc., often (usually?) involving at least some
aspect of the techniques you refer to.

Would that readers of this newsgroup would aspire to such a model...

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