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Is thinking more like a thunderstorm or like a calculation?

justus justus at udel.edu
Thu Apr 1 09:09:06 EST 1999

>I'd say for energy stuff concerning many areas of own thinking so far
>good telepaths are leading, and as it is sort of their area, I guess
>it would make sense to update quite far with many of them first  if
>interested in such.  

Seems like bs to me. What do you mean "leading". What did
"their"(who's?) activitiies "lead" to? Nothing I know of. Please refer
to some peer reviewed accessible source.
What do you mean "thier" area?
The way you write is hardly understandable. Do you tend towards
associative weakness?

>Though my favourite for thinking apart from straight perceiving 
>on some sense enhancer into the brain of some MBD practicer of magic,
>are brainsurfers with I-areas subsegregating powers. I just come very
>rarely about them, and o far it was more in a fleeting way.
>Also some of them seem to have little more interest in such as me when
>my stomach "rumbles".

Please, your quasi-scientific jargon makes no sense to anyone but you
I'm afraid. "subsegregating"....I-area's......MBD.....what illiterate
nonsense. Read a journal like brain research and you might find more
functional words (make sure to train yourself not to merely put them
after eachother in a random fashion....that won't work with functional
symbols either...)
:  )


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