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Is thinking more like a thunderstorm or like a calculation?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Apr 1 15:26:26 EST 1999

justus at udel.edu (justus) wrote:

>>I'd say for energy stuff concerning many areas of own thinking so far
>>good telepaths are leading, and as it is sort of their area, I guess
>>it would make sense to update quite far with many of them first  if
>>interested in such.  
>Seems like bs to me.
Then you must be hell of a telepath,
and have some reasons I do not understand to believe
that links with transfer rates of data like that compared to other
branches should rate lower countaining the amount of data about it.

I would very much appriate contact data with the most apt telepath you
met with I areas linking capacities for a linking so that I can
compare his data to that of local telepaths.

I suspect that you are not well updated with telepathic reseach data
of Earth. 

Maybe it is due to differences in your land, as here we are
specialized to special forms of telepathic transfers.
I am not sure if that is to do with that in the past for practicing
magic you could get killed and that this saw to specializing in very
fast, high data rate transfers that are rather inconspicious to sense
censored people who might be out for turning others in to the
inquisition or if it is to do with that here many simply have been
finding such rather interesting.

Also I'd be very interested in a telepath from here you linked with,
as here I could visit the person and run a short energy scan and could
estimate the levels compared to some telepaths here in Berlin.

> What do you mean "leading". 

I can try to go to 100% uptake of data, and the flood of ranges that
are vibing through my and other systems in the brain and body is so
high, and the people arae so advanced, that for example neurology
would seem easy in comparison to learn for me.

Within telepathy and magic I feel very much limited due to being born
late, and am sure that the for me amazing parallel processing rates of
those I learned from are something that I will never have.

I tend to link into other, non-MBD brains shareware to make up for my
lacks in tuning and parallel processing.

For a lot within neurology, I could just go to a library and read
about it, and I guess practical parts apart from the one where one has
to hold the fingers very still, I could learn as well.
And ones where I'd have to hold the fingers still in operations, not;
(so that that would not be a branch for me in the first place, apart
from that I am against abusing a persons of another mammal (:-)

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