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Richard Norman rsnorman at mw.mediaone.net
Sat Apr 3 09:45:12 EST 1999

hemidactylus at my-dejanews.com wrote in message
<7e493v$rk6$1 at nnrp1.dejanews.com>...
>BTW, where is the line drawn for LTP, phylogenetically speaking? I
was under
>the assumption that LTP was considered a mechanism of vertebrates,
but I'm
>really unclear about this. Is the vertebrate/nonvertebrate dichotomy
>arbitrary one regarding LTP?
>Scott Chase

Very few cellular mechanisms show a vertebrate/invertebrate
dichotomy --
all animals seem to share the same cellular tricks (myelin being one
major exception)

Check out the gill withdrawal reflex in Aplysia, a nudibranch mollusc
creature), especially E. Kandel.  I think this actually predates the
work on LTP.

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