re- Breakthrough? study finds dopamine cannot be source of pleasure in brain

Geneva Hagen ws222 at victoria.tc.ca
Sat Apr 3 05:41:25 EST 1999

On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, Cijadrachon wrote:

> I believe I already mentioned that I rate chicken trips as a healer
> drug.
		I came in late on this -- what's a chicken trip?
> BTW, any way to take dopamine as a drug and if so is there any
> addiction rate worth mentioning to it? Else I guess one could just pop
> it and check what it does.

	A can of fava beans is said to contain a clinical dose of
	dopamine.  Couldn't notice any effect, myself.
	But many such drugs, taken over a period of time, will
	inhibit the body's natural production of the substance.
	Parkinsonian symptoms might result.  I suggest you check
	the CPS or PDR drug manual for side effects of L-Dopa
	before proceeding with this experiment!


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