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Is thinking more like a thunderstorm or like a calculation?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Apr 2 15:51:15 EST 1999

Bloxy's at hotmail.com (Bloxy's) wrote:

>In article <3701e921.45825026 at news.zedat.fu-berlin.de>, cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de (Cijadrachon) wrote:
>>>Thinking is connected to the essense of the being
>>>and is a reflection of material manifestations world.
>Ok, what is it connected to?
>Your ass?

I have I areas in the cholinergic limbic system, and if I wish to I
can request connections, as you put it, to my ass, but all body areas
are usually domain of what I call the sequencer, and I am not used to
connect down there.
Should I develop a hightened interest in any part of my body, like
now, on LSD, I can cable me connections there.
I am still where I am in the head, but I can request the making of
hardware in my systems, and all the way to any part in my body that I
have aiming powers for.

As I have hell of a lot of override powers  I guess with a lot I would
also not even want to find out, just how much I could mess up in other
cells areas down in the body or also some of the head.

I once sent something for parietal and did not get the answer back the
way I wanted, and then I stopped that.

In another head I feel awkward to dock parietal.

Makes me feel a bit weird.

Just a stupid example for where there are areas where although I have
sending powers there in human heads I might not be out for messing up
too much.

I might be mistaken but I assume that basically you can connect to all
in your head and body, might take five months or more to alter the
cabelling enough so that you get at what you want to get at.

But if such stuff really ever interests you for body you better ask in

For head in LSD teaching I can teach some, but you are too young
inside to show your brain how to access areas of other brains and see
to hardware alterations.

And if I ever were to use parts of your brain along for magic
perception beyond level three, then I have powers over your brain
forever, and maybe with me old nerd you'd not find that wise, either.

In other words if the stuff you ask really interests you, get wise
enough that the wise of Earth are feeling an even is around to discuss
this telepathically and also verbally, 

...and avoid seriously asking brain vampires like me questions, where
the answer might be that you start to understand more about
brainvampiring, than is healthy for you and others.

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