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Point me in the right direction

Matthew Deming mdeming at linfield.edu
Mon Apr 5 01:23:14 EST 1999

I was wondering if anyone could refer me to a website or research that
dealt with the following:

In 1990 I was in a serious motor accident where I hit the side of my
face on the dashboard causing my jaw to fracture and leaving me
unconscious for approximately 10 - 15 minutes.  Accordingly to a friend,
right after we hit the embankment I managed to unbuckle my seatbelt, put
my feet on the dash, push myself over the seat into the backseat and
crawl out the back driver side window and resting on the side of the
road. Anyways, I was taken to an emergency room and had a brainscan(CAT
or MRI?) where the imaging indicated that I had a clot of some sort
between the skin and my skull in the area above my right eye.  
Before the accident I was a well adjusted person, doing well in school,
active in sports, very outgoing, and very technically oriented.  However
after the accident my grades began to take a turn for the worse, I began
feeling drowsy, lathargic, not able to concentrate as much, I no longer
am interested in sports, and am a very shy and introverted person.
My diethas never changed, I've always ate quite healthy, never devulging
in things such as soda and chocolate.  Oh, before the accident I had a
clear flawless complextion.  After the accident I developed a really bad
acne problem that is still with me somewhat today.  Acne "didn't run" in
my family, I don't know if this is common or not.
Anyways I'd appreciate any help in figuring out if I have a problem or
not.  If you could direct me to any web sites or other research that
would most definately be helpful.
Thank you.
Matt Deming

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