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a prediction confirmed

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Mon Apr 5 16:09:40 EST 1999

ken collins wrote:

> a person that monitored the prior post was kind enough to email me, correcting my error in the
> above. the flick was "The Forbidden Planet". ken collins

so, armed with the correct title, i rented a copy today (btw, i'd seen the flick 33 years ago,
back in the days when scouting the lush woods of Washington state was my main goal in life, and
decades before i realized that i'd be held accountable for everything i said... i was just free as
free can be)

it's still "frightening"... but where the 9 year old saw only the monster, a different "Beast" got
my attention this time.

quoting from the flick's dialog:

"monsters from the id"; "monsters from the subconscious"; "creation by mere thought"; "the
beast... the mindless primitive... but like you the Krell forgot one deadly danger: their own
subconscious hate and lust for destruction"

as i viewed the flick, this afternoon, it was as if the fictional story merged with current
events... the "Beast" ravages millions in "Yugoslavia", today, be-cause folks, "like [...] the
Krell forgot one deadly danger: their own subconscious hate and lust for destruction".

the irony of it all rent my spirit... how can it be that for so long, after so many attempts to
reach out to folks... in person, through letters, at conferences, through papers written, through
email, through endless online discussions... folks still choose to deny the essence of their own

it saddened me... i've known for decades that there were folks who coprehended what NDT was all
along... it was revolting to my spirit that these folks wanted only to "seek profits", based upon
that they saw, and "borrowed" from the theory.

and like the short-sighted "Morbius" in the flick, they are looking eye to eye with the "Beast"
they've given life to through "creation by mere thought"... the "thought" which sees only
"profits", and so, like "Morbious", but orders of magnitude more-twisted, withholds Truth that not
only frees the "Beast", but actively prompts it into its time-immorial savagery.

we read of the work of these "profit"-seekers in the newspapers, we hear of their work on the
radio, we view it in the "comfort" of our homes as we watch the evening news.

and, in the face of such... in the face of the "Beast"... Science sits "paralyzed", turning its
back upon itself? how does one accomplish such? it cannot be done. it's impossible. folks try...
but, because of the thermodynamics inherent, all that happens is that more "bulges" are impressed
upon the "door"... all that happens is that the "Beast", in the midst of its ravaging, becomes all
the more disclosed.

it's a sorrow-time... and it seems to me that the tradition of Science's seeking Truth has been
supplanted by a greed-driven, cowardly, collective maddness... and, as today, the "stock market"
"celebrates" this collective depravity... just like "Morbius" before he came to understand the
consequences of his short-sightedness... folks looked to, and trusted, by the innocent masses,
lining their pockets with blood money, knowing full well what they do.

it's a sorrow-time. k. p. collins

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