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Unusual stress and neurological development in children

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Apr 4 12:41:39 EST 1999


ken collins <kenpc at banet.net> wrote:

>because activation that occurs in sensory "areas" drives the formation of
>microscopic neural modifications which, subsequently, guide convergence within
>neural activation "states", and because sensory and motor neural mappeing are
>"mirror images", a Child who has the sensory experience of "being struck" will
>tend to mature to an adult who will "strike".

As I commented on the third emotion generator before, when you seemed
to want to move part of its programs into the amygdala, 
I guess commenting about moving them into generalized 
sensory or motoric areas  is a waste of time.

>the same stuff extends to all neural dynamics, and all behavior. 

I am sure you discussed that with MBD people and persons genetically
very different...  ;-)

>this reality can be read, directly, in the neural Geometry. ken

Suggest to get better in the direct reading of neural geometry.

>p.j.h wrote:
>> has there been any research into the neuropsychopharmacological effects of
>> extreme childhood trauma (excessive abuse,domestic violence ,etc.) on
>> overall neurological/cognitive development?

There seems to be some hazy recollection about cortisol,
(?)neurotrophic substances and cell and axon reductions.

Cognitive referring to which areas or main system(s)?



flefever at ix.netcom.com(F. Frank LeFever) wrote:

>Oh, oh--should have known his good behavior couldn't last.  Collins
>again without the slightest bit of humility

I find that his behaviour towards others tends to be by far better
than yours, and therefore find you to comment humility outright funny.

> "sympathetic magic" 

>If you have sufficient morbid curiosity to see what he means by "neural

I am not sure where the morbid comes in, and as far as neural geometry
goes, though I did not bother to remember it well, I understood it the
way that akasha in the brain changes in reactions to inputs 
and then there is structure similar enough for running the stuff the
other did with systems in the own head; just that he mistook relevant
systems for the initiation of striking others and did not understand
that there are genetic and other differences that are making exact
copies IMO highly unlikely between people not even genetic twins.

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