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Spontaneous Oneirosis in "UFOs" "abductions"?

Michael Edelman mje at mich.com
Tue Apr 6 12:49:40 EST 1999

patanie at my-dejanews.com wrote:

> Below is evidence which,in my opinion, might point to a neuro-psychological
> explanation of alleged "abductions" by "Ufos":

Or just the usual bullshit. Let's take a look:

>  Volume 11 : Number 4 : Article 1
>                    (Journal of scientific Exploration)
>                     Topographic Brain Mapping of UFO
>                              Experiencers
> .... Analysis of their EEGs revealed
> that all subjects entered voluntarily into an hyperaroused trance. In
> this state, they maintained a condition of muscular relaxation and
> immobility while their EEGs exhibited high frequency (beta) activity
> at all 19 electrode sites, but with maximum activity at the prefrontal
> and adjacent loci.

Translation: They were awake.

> Inspection of the EEGs from the
> prefrontal/frontal sites revealed intermittent trains of rhythmic,
> approximately 40 Hz activity, attaining very high amplitudes, at
> times exceeding 40 microvolts. This activity was distinct in
> morphology and frequency from faster, usually concurrent activity,
> probably attributable to scalp muscle discharge (EMG). Analysis of
> 40 Hz, midline scalp activity, statistically controlling for the effects
> of EMG, revealed significantly more 40 Hz activity in trance than in
> baseline (p < .006). Also, the dominant alpha frequency increased
> during trance (p < .01). Both EEG findings suggest the occurrence
> of a state of hyperarousal. There was no evidence of epileptiform
> discharges in our data or clinical indications of possible epilepsy.
> Also, there was no brain activity suggestive of psychopathology,
> particularly schizophrenia, nor were there clinical indications of
> psychopathology.

What does that all say? Nothing. There is absolutely nothing unusual or
pathalogical in these findings...except for the lies. The "subjects" are
compared to "baseline"- but there's no baseline data. They're comparing the
subjects to population averages, which is meaningless.

In other words, this is all nonsense couched in terminology to impress the

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