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What has happened to Ken Kollins?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 5 20:08:26 EST 1999

(Slagology ;-)

ken collins <kenpc at banet.net> wrote:

>Cijadrachon wrote:

>> Instead of publishing his AOK, manifesto and whatever stuff here, he
>> seems to be out to rather avoid according criticisms

>i'll take NDT's stuff before any Scientists 

Whatever that is short for, but if nothing else, at least there might
be a decent explanation of that, AOK and a load of other terms,
and at least it might make more sense if you are referring to your
stuff here as if you had published it here recently enough so that
people interested are likely to know what you are going on about (in
case it should be written in a way that such is possible).

>why don't i just discuss it here, or in soe other online place? i tried to
>do so in the early 90s, but the discussions were always drowned in B. S.
>this isn't a problem except in the cases of folks who do not know the
>Neuroscience... they cannot distinguish among all the posts. and since its
>them for whom i've done the work, their needs are paramount to me, and
>i'll neither foresake them, not allow them to misled.

So all neuroscientists agreed with what you said, and all who do not
know about their stuff are too dumb to understand it and cannot
distinguish between posts.
And since you do not want to allow them to be misled, you stuff cannot
possibly published in a neuroscience room.


This is one of the most stupid replies I heard in a while.

So far I neither registered a lot of interest from people into
neuroscience nor people not into neuroscience into your stuff.
Last I recall you went on about it, it was generalized stuff, not
discerning between the subprograms of sectors and relations between
them, and then making up words for totally generalized theories part
of which were plain wrong.

>if you're so interested in understanding NDT, why don't you throw your hat
>on the ground, over there in Berlin, and take up a collection that will
>finiance a presentation in Berlin?



Apart from that you did not even bother to mention what it is that you
are going on about again with your abrv.ed stuff again,
as an LSD teacher I do have a certain reputation here among some folks
that I am not out to lose.

I could as well publish Frank's theories about generalized memory here
if I wanted to make a fool of myself.

(But if your telepathic tuning skills are not as bad as part of your
people and brain areas functions generalzing theories you can get here
and if I like you enough for that vibe interesting brain energy stuff
into my shareware and other systems, and then it might go out into
local, some Indogermanic and a few other magic "nets".
You wouldn't happen to have some Red Indian magic data within your
transfer range capacities? That would be neat, I'd like that for my
internal collections.)

>i don't disagree... but do you see that the only options open to me have
>been even more ridiculous?

What, to send your written works to a publisher? 

Or to get some job and work till you can finance your representations
yourself without begging for money with a hat for them 
or wanting others to do such for you?

Or to get more critical concerning yourself and your works?

Or praising your own erratic works under different e-names? 

Or a head-line: What has happened to Ken Kollins?
And writing about oneself as "he"?

Or to write a work about: 
"The Art of Becoming More Pathetic" / ABM-Path

(Sorry, I couldn't resist ...)

>i've given everything i have. if there's no one who'll do Science with me,
>and no one who'll communicate Truth, then i can't do a whole lot more than
>weep as i watch the thing against which i've been racing unfold, can i?

If you were a brilliant scientist it would amaze me if there were no
one interested in hiring you or doing scientific research with you (in
case that was what you meant with "do Science with me", which to me
sounds odd like "do knowing/knowledge with me").
I don't know why you have to keep Capitalizing and generalizing, and
why you seem to have so much trouble finding people communicating true
stuff / truth to you.   Maybe they just regard you like some whimp
circling around own erratic theories, instead of actions  being into
babbling, weeping and  regretting himself.

If you are into science stuff, I suggest you are listing the areas
where you are pretty up to date and wish to run research, 
maybe send stuff you published in that area to people who indicated an
interest in hiring someone into that.
You might find well-enough - paid work, possibly also together with
others in that, if your works, knowledge and capacities are impressive
enough and the whole is practical enough that people might see
advantage in that. (The sex life of a woodworm might be less
interesting for some  than work on getting some artificial virus to
link into cells with HIV gene stuff and dock into it and destroy it

>(is this sufficient information on the "state of my being" for today?)


Fortunately my being currently feels better.

There is a plate with Easter sweets in range,
and I am a bit stoned and at terminating some chocolate rabbit.

I liked the thunders outside a bit ago, and would not mind if there
were some more.

A friend of the same company I am member of asked if we are going to
share some work stuff tomorrow and I agreed, and though that might not
be much money, with the two of us going of gossipping over people and
then maybe exchanging travelling experiences about different
countries, that might be an interesting day ahead.

As lately I wasn't away for several days in a row from home,
I guess half of the food in my fridge is actually edible at this point
if having a good stomach, and I can open its door without needing a
gas mask. The mess in my place has a path going through it that for
knowing friends declares it is a very tidied up stage. And if someone
could flush my neighbour and her ventilation system  she likes to
start between 4-6 in the morning  down the toilet, it might be a
really lovely night.  ;-)

There are of course serious worries in life, like wether I should
terminate the chocolate egg as well or rather have another joint 
or remain horribly abstinent of both and smurf to bed eventually
to have more rest and maybe a better day tomorrow.

But I believe I shall survive such times of difficult decisions
and the emotional stress they cause me.

(Is this sufficient information on the "state of my being" for today?)


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