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a prediction confirmed

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 5 20:07:42 EST 1999


>back in the days when scouting the lush woods of Washington state was my main goal in life 
Recall that as a teeny I was a lot in the woods as well.

>... the Krell forgot one deadly danger: their own subconscious hate and lust for destruction"

I am not sure I get why you name it sub, as then there would be a lot
of other areas sub as well.

>the irony of it all rent my spirit... how can it be that for so long, after so many attempts to
>reach out to folks... in person, through letters, at conferences, through papers written, through
>email, through endless online discussions... folks still choose to deny the essence of their own

Lol ...  

The essence of their own science is to be sense censored, 
and to censor senses needed for understanding "essence" and magic.
Therefore magic links between stages of akasha in two brains are not
done as between other telepaths.

If you were to reach out into folks instead of to folks, then they
might get that you are having enough inside perception to do so.

If not, some of the people here I know who are able to reach out into
people might figure that you did not get far enough to understand your
own essence and the essence of others to run a telepathic link.

 I believe you so far did not get the Indian term "akasha" and now are
into stuff that has been known in India and many other places for a
looong time.

BTW, you can praise your own stuff under lots of different names, 
but it might be more impressive for others if you were to post part of
the stuff here. 

If everyone of us were to get some different e-names and go on here
about that everybody and their dogie must read the own ever so great
worrrks, that'd suck.

If you want it read then post it here, 
then if there are people interested in reading it they can do so.
If you do not want it read, maybe because you fear mistakes being
corrected and criticism, then don't go on about it that excessively.

:-)  :     ... a greed-driven, cowardly, collective madness... 

Actually I find that would be a good title for many history books.

>... collective depravity

I just looked the last word up, interesting translations.

I like that.


>it's a sorrow-time. k. p. collins

I believe Einstein said something along the lines:

"There are two things that are infinite,
the stupidity of humans 
and the universe.

But with the latter I am not entirely sure."

... If I were busy sorrowing around concerning all that sucks here and
in other places, I'd have a sorrow life and little of it
unless I were to enjoy sorrow.

That is the advantage of collective depravity;
you do not need to indulge in sorrow to much 
and together with others might find more interesting thingies to do
within the time of your life.  ;-)

...Actually I am not even sure that I am sure I understand what sorrow
is. There were short fleeting loads of emotions that I recall where I
would not exclude that those are what is called sorrow, but usually
they never went long, and I guess therefore I might not be able to
really follow stuff like that in others inside. 

I wonder how many people termed autists are expressing sorrow for
longer and how many not at all or just some hours very rarely, 
and if it is just me (or to do with that I did not have enough
experiences to trigger such)  or if there is some profound differences
to do with internal differences in the relation between areas of the
brain that is to do with such.

Are you able to say which areas are generating sorrow?

Would you guess it to do with more modern programs in the brain?

Maybe it is to do with more modern subprograms in the basolateral part
of the amygdala and relations to own limbic areas enhanced via front
stuff, and if there are damages to all three, that might see to older
system settings, where that is different. Or to more segregated ones,
where the own I areas are at times perceiving some of the emotion
generators more like other systems, and therefore part of their
effects upon the own I areas might be different.

...Yeah, thunderstorm seeming to go off outside.

Reminds me that the energy fluctuations of a thunderstorm where I paid
attention to such sensed  different then the ones when a telepath
tunes into me.
(Concerning some other discussion.)

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