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"out of the body experiences" do not exist!

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 5 20:07:20 EST 1999


What does "PARAnormal" mean?

>"We simply are insensitive to the changes and radical transformations of
>utter chaos that are continually going on around us. If we were sensitive to
>such changes, we would all gladly be locked up in the looney bin."
>"Indeed, all consciousness may operate by the failure of self-reference to
>make complete differentiation. It is in this sense that consciousness, in
>order to exist, must be imperfect. "

Sorry, but to me quite some of this sounds like nonsense.

And usually those who are not totally headblind and can differentiate
at least between different conscious and some other areas in the own
or also in other heads  are MBD folks, by some considered more
imperfect than others.

I am not sure why the ability to segregate conscious areas of each
other and of different systems and make a complete differentiation is
supposed to give more perfection.

If you are segregating the own I areas off other systems too long, 
the connections and substance level alterations that might follow  
in and between systems  can be dangerous, and maybe the author never
thought long enough about perfection in the first place.

>The psychologist Eysenck did a study on the paranormal and concluded that
>more needed to be done

(Still don't get "paranormal". If para were meaning similar and normal
something average for one or several persons, then that does not seem
to fit the context that it is used, as in contexts it keeps reminding
me of stuff some of the Esoterik and Mystik fans here like to believe
in mixed with real data without discerning.) 

> Oppenheimer (...) was teaching himself Pali or Sanskrit so he could read the Upanishads, 
>the ancient written records of the Hindu Religion.

You do not happen to know if they are going on about energy
understanding and control stuff there and if so what they are saying
about that?

> The problem is that in spite of the above and much more one would think that
>after all this time something definitive would have emerged.

Something "definitive" concerning what?

I just read a list mostly consisting of nonsense and vague stuff, 
and did not even get the reference yet to people spooking around 
and going astral travelling and the headline of this.

I do not even get what you want to emerge.

Nor the problem.   

As long as no one is spooking around in your place, then why is it a
problem, and if there is someone spooking around and you can't figure
out who it is and it bothers you, get someone with enough range
capacities and more realistic than you are to find out for you and
maybe help you with such problems.

If you wish to spook around, find yourself some teachers willing to
teach you or enough instructions and practice.

Here they often used to burn practicers of magic when murdering them
so for revenge they'd not spook to the murderer and help him under
earth, too. There are so many people and peoples spooking around, and
there are so many thousands of years of data about such an old art,
that I do not get where you problem is.

Maybe the problem is more in your head, as you remind me of someone
wondering if two and two are four or still two and two,
and then going on about the colour of the neighbours fence,
superstitions of someone into mathematics, black cats and the number
13 for a while, and then saying that such is a real problem and that
after all this time something about this should have emerged.

Maybe you should try exact definitions of what you want in the first
place, next figure out which branches of humans on Earth to do with
such are likely to be willing to give you data about such, 
transform the precise questions you have to the languages of the
persons you are wanting to ask, and then more might "emerge". 

(Charmant wie immer ....  ;-)

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