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UFOs "abductions" are imaginary:Bertrand Meheust

patanie at pasdepub.com patanie at pasdepub.com
Thu Apr 8 08:59:26 EST 1999

Le 5 Avril nonante-neuf vers 18:02:22, temps universel,
almaur777 at aol.com (AlMaur777) ecrivit:

>effects and could produce mental hallucinatory experiences (seeing child like

By what mechanism? 

>alien faces such as those now familiar to us all form Close Encounters, etc.)

Familiar in US society you mean! Fortunately,in Switzerland,these
fantasies are not familiar.

Swiss prefer banks to ETIs! Perhaps,also,our mountains prevent
people's mind to be infested by fantasies.

However,unknown flying things are,sometimes,seen and even detected on
radar,in Switzerland! But no "abduction"!!! ETIs enjoy Hollywood,not

>and so on. Along with the research I reported years earlier in Future showing
>that many UFO reports were caused by migrating bug swarms lit up by atomosperic
>electric activity, David Huford's work (The Terror That Comes in The Night,U of
>PA press, 1982) and recent revelations by the Air Force that up to half of all
>ufo sightings were really advanced secret US aircraft, we may be discovering

Hmm.Certainly the 1954 French ufo wave was not caused by advanced US
crafts coming back from the future...

Some said it was caused by the war in Algeria...still this war then
left circular prints in fields,etc!

>that "the truth is out there," but it ain't about aliens and interstellar
>spaceships. Another avenue of great current interest is the "narrative
>construal of reality."

What is it about?

>And to our French friend, I'd say, you don't have to be Gallic to be a skeptic.

You know many people speak French...for example
Swiss,Belgiums,Africans,Cambodians,etc. So you should not assume that
someone who speaks French is,automatically,French...

In Geneve we speak French and Geneve is Suisse (Swiss,if you
like)...not French.

Moreover,our French is different from the French spoken in nearby
France. That's Europe:diversity.

Cordially yours,


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