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a prediction confirmed

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Wed Apr 7 19:58:48 EST 1999


ken collins wrote:


>  (btw, i'd seen the flick 33 years ago

it was 43 years ago.

because of the premature deletion of the BBS post (and because of everything else that's been going on
in this forum, and because of everything that's not been going on in this forum, "two") it's become
obvious that  it's "time" to clarify things...

i've known, for years, that there're folks who understand what NDT is. it's also been clear to me that
a lot of these folks were exerting pressure directed at the circumstances of the theory's birth, and
at me, because they wished not to be seen in the light of Truth. part of this was due to a "mistake" i
made long ago... when i could make no progress via the traditional routes to publication, and being
certain that the "Automation of Knowing..." ms. (AoK) was adequate within that realm, i reached out to
Journalists... i received an Education, and regretted having ever reached out to "journalists"...
things degenerated into a "horror story". going on what i'd shared with them, the journalists did
nothing but provoke fear within the science community, and i've not been able to have a decent
conversation with anyone in the field ever since.

i worked to demonstrate that i was not seeking anything on my own behalf (although i did believe that
the work i'd done would be received in the usual way that breakthroughs in science are received, and i
was looking forward to a career in Neuroscience... but it was all about work that i was willing, and
able, to do, not celebratory "handouts".)

at that "time" everything started going badly... rather than wanting to work with me, folks were
either afraid of being associated with me, trying to cover-up, or doing the latter while trying to
steal the work.

it's been a sorrow. i tried to reassure folks that, as far as i'm concerned, they are victims of
ingnorance, and that i was working on their behalves, as well as on behalf of others.

the reassurance went unbelieved, and then some.

so it's time to clarify a few things.

if folks "wonder" why i've posted as i have here in bionet.neuroscience... you know, i've doen very
little in the way of "currying favor"... it's mainly because, in my life for the past 28 years, it's
been pretty much the same always, despite anything that i do. years ago, after having thoroughly
analyzed the "pressure" that was being heaped up, i took myself to task, having accepted that there
was no hope for me... the folks exerting "pressure" against the theory and me were just "two"
desperate to avoid what =they= surmised would befall them unless they "sorted me out" a bit.

it's been a sorrow... there was nothing i could do one way or the other because it had long been clear
to me (be-cause of the education inherent in experiencing all of the "pressure", btw), that the
"pressure" amounted to nothing more than the Same-Stuff that has ravaged Humanity since the
beginning... and that to allow myself to be "steered" by such would destroy the worth that's in the

it was a sorrow... it's not easy for one to experience all of one's hope disintegrating as a result of
a decsion that one must make. but it was clear to me that the decision was the correct one, and i've
remained one with it.

so, since i'm free in this way, i'd fail if i didn't state, flatly, that everything that's happening
in "Yugoslavia" was avoidable... the theory's understanding could've prevented it all (and,
most-likely the Gulf War, "two").

i've refrained from speaking out thus far because my brothers in arms are in harms way, but i must
make it clear that the chief force against the coming forward of NDT's understanding has been the U.
S. "government", which makes the present circumstance totally unacceptable.

and there you have it. i've done everything i could, through "back channels", but it's been to no
avail. not only that, i've become aware that folks in the "government" have begun to believe that
they've "turned me around". they haven't.

but i understand that they are "powerful", and i've almost nothing, and, therefore, my "fate" is

one of the things that i want to clarify is that i understand that folks in Neuroscience are almost
completely dependent upon "goverment" financing. i understand that folks in journalism are similarly
dependent upon government sources, and that, if they're cut off from these, they are "doomed".

i understand that folks've families to support, and goals of their own, which are dependent upon the
stuff that flows from the government. i understand your dilemma.

it's these things, which are the anchors around folks necks, are, however, anathema to me. i choose
Life, and will not acquiesce in the face of such tyranny.

so, things'll continue to "degrade" for me.

i find myself well prepared for such from my Mother's example in the "time" she realized that her
years of struggling against the disease which took her were drawing to a close. the fight went out of
her, and she was transformed into radiant joy.

it's been a bit the same for me in these tragic days of verification. i've realized that, if it's the
case that "pressure" from a tyrannical "goverment" can "prevent" the simple comunication of simple
scientific Truth, that what i can do is mostly accomplished, and it's for me to just remain True to
Truth while i wait for life's end.

it's not the same as Mom's joy... her struggle was private, mine has been public, and demanding that i
abandon concern for myself... but i do experience a bit of the joy that she radiated as she accepted
the fact that her struggle was nearing an end.

i'll hope for you all, but from here on out, kindly put aside the B. S, because i've no longer the
energy to "dance around" it, as i have in the past. ken collins

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