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Floating,Fever,Conscious Dreaming and NDE,UFO "abductions"

patanie at my-dejanews.com patanie at my-dejanews.com
Thu Apr 8 20:38:25 EST 1999

Floating,Fever,Conscious Dreaming and NDE,UFO "abductions"

Monsieur "Maneesh Shanbhag" <maneesh.shanbhag at sympatico.ca> ecrivit:

>After an accident, I was hospitalized for 2 months.  During the first
week I
>had 4 surgeries and I had very high fevers intermittently.  During my
>fever of 40degrees celcius, I remember experienceing very weird
feelings and
>clearly remember myself floating above my bed and attempting to swim
>the air.  After coming back into consciousness sometime later on, I
was told
>about the severity of my fever.  It wasn't until after returning home
>the hospitalized that I realized what had happened that night.
>M. Shanbhag
>maneesh.shanbhag at sympatico.ca

Auquel Monsieur F. Frank LeFever <flefever at ix.netcom.com> repondit:

>You realized WHAT happened?  What did they tell you--that you were
>fevrish and delerious? or that you were floating above your bed?

>I also remember floating and swimming through air--last night!  On
>awakening, I concluded that I was dreaming; but during the dream, I
>asked myself if I was dreaming, and decided that it didn't FEEL like I
>was dreaming...

>Bytheway: what is this repetition compulsion?  you post the same
>subject (title) twice, but a message only once (for each subject).

>F.  LeFever

Dear All,

The sensation of "floating" is typical in the following states:

1.Just before entering a Conscious Dream*
3.Near-death experience

I have experienced this interesting sensation in 1,2 and 4, but not in

This sensation is also described by alleged "abductees",together with other
phenomena which are,typically,experienced when one is on the doorstep,may I
say,of entering,with full consciousness,a dream.

NDE can also be classified as conscious dreams,but conscious dreams which are
stereotyped and which seem to be triggered by hypothetical endogenous release
of molecules active at the glutamate NMDA receptor.

In stories of "abductees" we find many similarities with normal conscious
dreams or stereotyped conscious dreams of the NDE-like type.

The study of purported "abductees" should,then,in my opinion,shift to the
neurosciences and psychopharmacology.

For a conscious dreamer it is very clear that these experiences are imaginary
and misinterpreted by the people who think they have been abducted.

Concerning "normal" UFO stories they should,logically,be investigated by
police officers,like this is done in France,for example,by the Gendarmerie.

In the USA,the FBI would be the ideal organism which should investigate UFO

People reporting UFOs should be told that,if their stories are found to be
hoaxes,that they will receive heavy fines.

In France,hoaxers have been punished by law.

Then and only then,when UFO reports can go through let say the FBI analysis
and still remain unidentified,they should be distributed to the scientific
community for further evaluation.


 *C. RIFAT, Du Rêve et de la théorie de l'information
     (Agressologie, 1979, 20, 2:75-80,Masson,Paris)

 *C. RIFAT, De la structure du Reve a un modele informationnel de la
     (Agressologie, 1980, 21, 3:117-130,Masson,Paris)

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