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a prediction confirmed

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Thu Apr 8 19:59:54 EST 1999

it's all inside-out, upside-down, and backward (see "inversion",
AoK, Ap4, 5, 7, 8).

and it's twisted, "two"... folks look to folks who withhold Truth
from them, and who, so, make them parties in violence, as

where do such "leaders" lead?

not anywhere that'll serve Humanity well... oh, it'll serve
=them= "well", but it's Humanity that'll pay the price of their
"leadership", isn't it?

yes it is... the price will come in the form of the never-ending,
ever-augmenting animosity... in future days, when the nucs so
boasted of have proliferated, there will be no "time" for
discussion... all the "time" for discussion will've been
frittered away... and those from whom understanding has been
withheld will act without understanding...

...perhaps the "leaders" say, "yeah, but we'll kill them all

can no one see the great price that the "leadership" that
withholds understanding exacts from Humanity?

and these same folks preach to China about "human rights"?

what's that you say? "But, Ken, you are allowed to post all of
your miserable messages, so what are you complaining about?"

it's "just" that my "miserable messages" are all i've been
allowed to post... everything else i've ever tried to do has been
drowned out by folks following the "leaders".

there's no "mystery" in it, and the "state" of affairs here in
the U. S. is demonstrably far worse than it is in China, or even
Korea... here in the U. S. the tyranny is all =calculated= to
have the subtle illusion of "freedom", when it's all "just" the
nightmare of _1984_ lived out in our flesh and blood... like in
the flick that's in the theaters currently, _The Matrix_...
folks've been so subtly manipulated that, even though the
manipulation is readily seen to be perverse when one steps back
to take it all in, folks can only dimly perceive it because,
after all, it's what's become the familiar thing (see "PTOFA" in

and anyone who'd call folks to task with respect to such is
declared a non-person overnight, and that's that?

wake up, "america". Measure how far you've "wandered" from the
Shining-Hope that once was America.

Then put aside the illusion, and =Live=. ken collins

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