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Prozac- what do you know about it?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 7 22:13:26 EST 1999


>> what are the very long term use side effects of this, say ovewr a period of
>> years?

Is anyone actually insane enough to take the stuff that long?

If someone cares for one of his main psyche areas and other systems 
so little that he chooses to cause damages to there with a drug like
that (where already the taste gives a distinct enough warning), why
should I care more than for someone taking cocaine?

I know lots of people damaging their systems with drugs, from
psyjunkytry, street dealers, shops, from other lands, with local
plants, ... I'd be busy if with all stuff I'd bother what it does to
people who stick that into themselves.
Them their drugs, me mine, other people drug abstinence.

Someone predicted me if I go on like this that in several years I will
die and I shocked him when I said I know, and he realized I meant it.
Guess he did not get that I always knew that it is unlikely I will
reach thirty, and that by nature I should have been dead before that,
and just some prevented my natural death. So now I am here some years
longer, but never was inside prepared for that in vital ways, as I
knew with a powerful certainty that my natural death should have
occurred within the time where it would have occurred by nature.
Maybe that is why I lack understanding why someone would damage own
systems with drugs and then worry about such too much.
I figure if it the own health would really bother him he'd not take
the stuff in the first place, and after taking it once, if checking
the taste and requesting systems readouts about negative effects of a
drug like prozac, certainly not often again.

If imbalancing and damaging psyche programs chemically,
or/and if shortening the own life or doing stuff unhealthy, what is
the point to find out generalized stuff?
If my health would interest me, I'd not be in front of this screen,
I'd not be under artificial light, I'd not live in this city, I'd not
drink water from this tap (heard the water goes through lead pipes),
I'd not take the drugs I do, eat different foods, do more sports, ...

There is an old joke:

Someone says: "I stopped going to bars, drinking alcohol, eating
unhealthy food and sex."   Replies the other, real amazed:
"Then why do you bother to go on living?"

If someone were to answer you that apart from some damages to body
areas and other brain areas  there are alterations in the basolateral
part of the amygdala, concerning mammal emotion programs 
and with that the ability to react naturally to emotional programs
sent from others as within friendships, 
that part of the damages are permanent, 
that this is one of the two main centers of the psyche 
connected with many other programs 
and will never ever work again as it should by nature, etc.,
...then what would you win by knowing that?

I decided around 24 or 25 that for me it is important to when I reach
the end of my life that when I look back I am content enough with it, 
not counting every trivial event, but the main gist.
Somewhen back then I looked into the sort of frozen emotions in an eye
of a dead friend a year older than me and thought that I could have a
similar traffic accident or something else and then be dead, and 
what would be the point if I were to not have spent my life till then
so that I am content enough.

I guess many of those into self warper drugs like prozac 
are too lazy to take responsibility for changing their attitudes 
and style of life till they are content enough, 
and damaging their systems with drugs and afterwards maybe wondering
about what they did to themselves  is not likely to change that.

So even if someone just for example made a list of damages:
Mammal program number 1:
 ...,...,...,...... damages. (...,...,...... of that permanent.)
Mammal program number 289:...,....,......damages (....permanent)
Mammal program number x ......... damages permanent
Herd binding program [love, friendship] number ... : ........ damages

...And then were to list many hundreds of emotional programs (maybe
over a thousand) and thousands of connected bio-programs altered,
what exactly would that be good for?

Doubt it would cheer up the according persons.

... If they are not already at messing their systems up in other ways
with other drugs, are exchanging data via the internet what other
stuff you can all drug yourself with, and are too busy with such to
pay attention to receptormolecule changes, stubstances production
alterations, energy alterations, etc., to even care.
Apart from minor details that there are also drugs altering areas
needed for the own thinking, and then that might not work the natural
way anymore either. Maybe at that point they even crippled own
thinking and different memorizing capacities too much to really be
that good in understanding what they did to different of their systems
exactly (even IF someone were to know all about that).

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