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Point me in the right direction

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 7 22:13:58 EST 1999

>Before the accident I was a well adjusted person, doing well in school,

I find it interesting that after "well adjusted" you list something
that requires adjusting away from own natural settings and needs.

When I had a concussion I figured that it were 6 areas damaged at
least, and it took me a while to get used to having a different
personality  and getting used to different sector cooperations and
limited abilities. But it still gets better, though it is two years
ago, and I get me data magically from other brains in not exactly
healthy ways (sense enhancers), that so far has made enough
alterations in forms that I like that I started to find it O.K. enough

>active in sports, 

If that is several years ago, it could also simply be age.

If you compare the numbers of fossils of the geriatric front 
and male teenies 
and how much they tend to run around, 
you might notice a profound difference.

When having close enough relatives of your sex who were in the age you
are and looking at people your age, it might help to know if the
lowering in interest in sports activities might also have to do with

>very technically oriented.  
>However after the accident my grades began to take a turn for the worse, 
>(...)not able to concentrate as much

(See Grushnik.)

>feeling drowsy, lathargic,
In the weeks and months after the injuries I guess it can be so that
one does not do so many actions so that damages areas can't heal and
maybe get damaged further.

>I am a very shy and introverted person.

Could it be to do with not being used to less good abilities in some
stuff and maybe not having the same data uptake abilities as before?

Or not understanding enough about other people inside and therefore
feeling shy around them?

> I've always ate quite healthy, never devulging in things such as soda and chocolate.

;-)  After waking up and at many other times I might prefer to gobble
down loads of chocolate  and swish enough coke after it  
for sugar atomic ingnition out and about.  

But your method is surely better for teeth and health.

>  Oh, before the accident I had a clear flawless complextion.  After the accident I developed a really bad
>acne problem that is still with me somewhat today. 

Why is it that I believe I should not mention that smoking enough
cigarettes that the skin is altering seems to take care of most of
that problem for some?

(Sorry, I just feel like fooling around.)

>Anyways I'd appreciate any help in figuring out if I have a problem or

There are two with bad eyes and glasses,
one glad that he is not blind 
and another wailing around that he wish he could see like others do.
Who do you figure has more problems?

Some friend of mine once told me he liked these lines:

I complained that I had no shoes.
Until I saw someone with no feet.


Another summoned stuff up with:

All is relative.

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