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what chemicals are elevated with strong emotions?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 7 22:13:46 EST 1999


> do you have any idea? 

Seem to be different ones, depending one the systems active.

The "Xanth Monster under the Bed" (referring to some fantasy author's
stories) I assume to be to do also with the adrenal glands and MAYBE
adrenaline and cortisol?
But mammal emotions would likely be basolateral amygdala.
Rankfighting and aggression is another place again.

I discern between 7 emotion generators, and there are more, and those
were just three of them.  Number seven for example is more an indirect
one and is in the neck. It is a central energy regulator that can be
altered with iodine, up to the point of very unhealthy changes.
If altering that one it effects different systems to do with emotions
as well. But to me it feels like those can also alter productions of
eg.7, so a lot is linked.

It might be easier if you were to list which emotion of which area you
are referring to, and limit the question to that, as else alone a good
adrenaline boost might see to so many systems differences, wether in
systems to do with processing food in the belly or different areas of
the brain ... that that might be a bit much to list. Not to mention
all strong emotions there are thata are possible.

Apart from that different people(s) have differences in emotions.

>know of any research?
More the other way around.
Black labs in the Netherlands are producing transmitter resembling
substances and then thousands of people in Europe might be trying the
stuff. (?)Pharma industry and psychiatry are doing stuff alike that,
too, and I guess there might be a load of written data.

>	I have an obscure book on alternative cancer therapy
>	that suggests these chemical changes are actually enough
>	to dislodge scraps of DNA and do auto-gene-splicing
>	(which may be later activated as cancer).  

Though I would not exclude it, with positive strong emotions that
sounds unlikely to me.

Why should "strong positive emotions" do so; apart from obscure stuff,
were there any serious reasons given?

I find artificial ranges more likely to be part of the causes,
and heard that there are places in Tibet without much artificial
inputs where no one has cancer, while here for many sorts of cancers
in the cities with many artificial ranges there the highest numbers

Even thought it funny when I looked at cancer maps, as all I need to
do is pop a certain drug mix (1/3 of a "spaceship-E", part of an old
Red Dragon trip a bit later, then some joints...  UNHEALTHY, but magic
"broadband", wuuaoh)  and then be like a sort of walking cancer danger
measuring bio-device.  (Guess also to do with that the stuff is making
so many error signals in the first place, that the risk is already up,
even without magic ranges capacities of three sense enhancers in combi
enabling super-sensitivity to many energies.)

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