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memory diseases at school ???

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Apr 9 13:35:58 EST 1999

(To most others: Skip)

"Jean-Yves" <jymelwig at easynet.fr> wrote:

I doubt you are interested, but if you want drop by in Berlin for an
LSD session. (If you speak German, maybe when you are here check out
if Otto Sasse (back then a professor of Special Education of the Free
University of Berlin) is still around and to do with a school for
children with difficult behaviour, as IMO that school had some
interesting teaching ways, and to me seemed more advanced than common
schools here. If into special education it might be an interesting
place to visit for some.)

Currently I space trips too close, and are not in the mood to take
high loads, so I do not tend to reach "the autist side", but I still
get towards there.
If you want to risk to wait till Doomsday and Beyond if you ever get
me after several months without LSD (so far pretty unlikely) and then
I take enough that my left pupil goes full and then 2/3 more of the
stuff than needed for that, I can sort of jump between autist and more
human settings (but it can sometimes take me many minutes if I alter
far), and if you are on 1/3 more than full pupil you should have the
capacities left to follow a lot of that. 

But I am on the handicapped side then in between,
and for stretches can't talk and generally then tend to be unable to
follow more than 4-10 sentences until my left pupil starts to go
together again far enough. And if I transit autist far enough I might
not be able to get words at all, though once I register that you are
talking I can signal to wait and alter some sector correlations &
energy settings, and then I get you again.

But I guess if you teach handicapped children that should be O.K. 
if you are good in what you are doing.

With people who make me feel odd when I go too far to the autist
handicapped side I tend to not like it and might not even to go on
trip with them.

I had one who first indicated he might not like me autist on LSD, and
then I told him that I am always having some traits and there more,
and he better does not get here if he can't accept such, and  can't
accept that for long times I am not aware of most or all around me
optically and need it that all is in the same location here.
Then he wanted us to go on the stuff because he wanted to get dataa
about conscious areas in the brain and did not have others for that,
and he was real nice, like making sure that when he took stuff he put
it back where it was, and when not being sure if it was correct,
making it the way that the areas I call the sequencer in the brain who
are usually having external navigation were getting where he put it.

Don't know if an LSD session on such is your sort of thingie.

I can LSD-teach about some brain area correlations and some brain
energies and differences.

But not about single transmitters.

And with limbic memory I deleted part of the stuff about such, and
only have fractions left.

But there are brains better suited for such anyway.

MBD folks where there seem problems to do with the language structurer
(Broca's) and where there are signs of frontal capacities being down, 
but where logic thinking of the own limbic centers as such is seeming
O.K. (like not believing into black cats, 13 bringing bad luck, the
Big Wubblewabble in Heaven or something like that) 
when they take LSD and use it for perceiving areas in the brain and
going brainsurfing, some of them get limbic sub-segregating powers and
might be able to tell you more about what you are asking than I ever

Simplified grab someone directly short of mentally handicapped, 
far less cells, far less connections between sectors, 
and plugging in a blocker drug and amplifier drug like LSD into the
synapses, and then you might get a candidate for sub-limbic questions.
Or at least one who if he bothers can find out some stuff that people
like me could not.

(But if you find yourself one to do so, and they would not by
themselves, don't push too much, I rate it as highly dangerous if
doing it too long.)

>Does anyone have some articles about the relationship between limbic or
>cortical memory and scholar problems ?

I have written a private book with The Mind as the main topic and LSD,
and there are chapters in there to do with MBD, autism, sector
correlations and stuff like that, but I regard that book as pretty
private, there are not that many copies of it and do not like to
borrow one of them to people I do not even know.

There seems to be a tendency that if I borrow them to people of other
lands that I do not get them back. 

(I do not try to say that people from other lands steal more. 
I figure it is because people here can just pop by 
and also if they would not return it  I might drop by and fuss around,

and with people from other lands that's different.)

>Is there any biochemical problems (neurotransmetters, Zn...) in the brain of
>mentally deficient children ?

There is not THE mentally deficient child, 
apart from that who is deficient might depend on the point of

I read a book that was invented but seemed to had many series aspects
in it, and there someone said about a Red Indian tribe that there such
people were regarded as sacred, as bad spirits are not tending to be
with them.

My cousin is mentally handicapped, and she is a very kind, friendly
person, and if all were like here, there might be no theft, nor murder
nor a lot of other bad human deeds on this world.

Maybe from that point of view there are many with far more capacities
who would be mentally deficient in comparison.

A mother of two mentally handicapped children called it "especially

I liked that one.  :-)

There are many who try to get people with less capacities to do stuff
that is easy for others and are not delighted with how far they get,
without seeming to contemplate how utterly amazing it might be that
given the capacities those children have that they get that far with
Nor valueing what it takes to get there nor at times seeming to care
for the price it takes, and to contemplate if it is correct to demand
that price to get someone to a norm not the own.

The cause of damages can be quite different.

I am born late. Another I met was born early (beofre 7th month), and
to me it seemd like the neocortex had not differentiated to newer
functions as with children born in 9th month.
One had trouble around birth, tends to get bad headache fits, and the
back of his head looks to be like it and areas inside got squeezed.

Guess we'd rate MBD and not mentally handicapped for serious, but the
example goes also for others.

A mother abusing certain drugs in pregnancy can be quite a different
cause for brain damages than problems around birth, oxygen lack or
other stuff.

>I'm teaching to these children and try to understand...

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