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a prediction confirmed

John johnhkm at netsprintXXXX.net.au
Fri Apr 9 21:57:17 EST 1999

ken collins wrote in message <370D510A.5A41C220 at banet.net>...
>where do such "leaders" lead?

A little government and a little luck are necesary in life, but only a fool
trusts either of them.

  Parliament of Whores, P.J. O'Rourke. page xxi

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and
hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series
of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

  H. L. Mencken.

Unfortunately Ken people choose to believe their leaders, which is why they
elected them in the first place. My own pet speculation on why we produce so
many idiot leaders - consider the number of psychopathic males elected to
power anywhere in the world - is that as social rank rises Testosterone
rises and this, at a certain point, makes them very arrogant, with high
libido, and increasing narrow mindedness. But I still don't understand why
we keep electing ageing men to power and I'll be damned if I'll trust too
many of them. As I used to say: we need to have leaders who don't want to be
leaders. But as the old Greek once lamented, the people get the government
they deserve.

Be more like Aus, here we're very cynical of ideas in general, which is why
we don't take ourselves so seriously that we would set out to save the world
or preach the great truth. This cynicism extends to our leaders, who we
enjoy deriding because we know that they need to be knocked down a peg or
two occasionally. You lot veritably worship your leaders. Now that's stupid.
Worship no-one, not even yourself.

>not anywhere that'll serve Humanity well... oh, it'll serve
>=them= "well", but it's Humanity that'll pay the price of their
>"leadership", isn't it?

You're displacing responsibility. Screw humanity, we're just a bunch of
risen apes with delusions of grandeur. Don't worry about it, have a party.

>yes it is... the price will come in the form of the never-ending,
>ever-augmenting animosity... in future days, when the nucs so
>boasted of have proliferated, there will be no "time" for
>discussion... all the "time" for discussion will've been
>frittered away... and those from whom understanding has been
>withheld will act without understanding...

>...perhaps the "leaders" say, "yeah, but we'll kill them all

Capitalism cannot survive long term without large scale war. That's life.

>can no one see the great price that the "leadership" that
>withholds understanding exacts from Humanity?

There is, nor will there ever be, a "final understanding". We just don't
think like that.

>there's no "mystery" in it, and the "state" of affairs here in
>the U. S. is demonstrably far worse than it is in China, or even
>Korea... here in the U. S. the tyranny is all =calculated= to
>have the subtle illusion of "freedom", when it's all "just" the
>nightmare of _1984_ lived out in our flesh and blood... like in
>the flick that's in the theaters currently, _The Matrix_...
>folks've been so subtly manipulated that, even though the
>manipulation is readily seen to be perverse when one steps back
>to take it all in, folks can only dimly perceive it because,
>after all, it's what's become the familiar thing (see "PTOFA" in

Now I'm no fan of the USA, the moral arrogance and general pretentiousness
that emanates from that country is surely indicative of a sorrowful
collective consciousness which has never sufficiently encountered the wisdom
inherent in Jung's "The Undiscovered Self". We all demonise the other, but
you lot do it to the hilt.

Yet the USA, for all its failings, is a lot better than most. Maintain a
historical perspective. Consider that the USA is the dominant world power,
and as dominant world powers go it is a vast improvement over previous eons.
Before comparing it to China and Korea go to those places, then you'll
realise why your statements are so much naive piffle.

>and anyone who'd call folks to task with respect to such is
>declared a non-person overnight, and that's that?

If you choose to be a rebel that's that. Live with it. Big deal, your
declared insignificant. So was Christ - how's that for an error of
judgement. People do not matter, power does, ask those T ridden old arrogant
men running the world (generalisation!).

>wake up, "america". Measure how far you've "wandered" from the
>Shining-Hope that once was America.

America never was a shining hope, just another bunch of greedy arrogant
humans who demonised the other.

>Then put aside the illusion, and =Live=. ken collins

Life is an illusion. Enjoy it.

PS: I never received my copy of AoK but that's okay obviously you have
designated me as the other.

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