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Legal Notice [was Re: a prediction confirmed]

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Sat Apr 10 14:37:24 EST 1999

Legal Notice:

It's True... "The meek shall inherit the

Years ago, I made a very-generous,
public, licensing-agreement offer. I
engineered the licensing agreement so
that it would automatically strongly
benefit any individual and any organiz-
ation that entered into it because
entering into it, and adhering to its
single condition, would automatically
enable those who entered into it to act
as agents on behalf of the general good,
which would be automatically recognized
for what it was by the Citizenry.

The license agreement is in the archives
I've kept.

It offered wide-ranging rights to develop
the things that I discovered with the
single condition that the understanding,
as it applies within Human affairs be
actively and sincerely communicated by
the individuals and organizations that
entered into this very-generous license
agreement. The license agreement left
any who would enter into it completely
free of any obligation with respect to
anything beyond simple active and sincere
communication of the understanding. That
is, no one who entered into the agreement
whould have been, in any way, "bound"
with respect to what anyone did, or did
not do, in regard to their comunication
of the understanding. It was not
explicitly stated in the public offerings
of this license agreement, but, as
everyone whose followed things correlated
to the work I've done, the need to "guard
Free Will" is implicit within everything
I've done. Because it's right-there, in
the work with respect to which the license
agreement applies, this stuff would have
automatically freed any who entered into
the license agreement from anything other
than simple, active and sincere, com-
munication of the understanding with
respect to which the very-generous,
publicly-offered, license agreement
applied. (I understood the "knee-jerk"
stuff that folks who entered into the
license agreement were likely to encounter,
and knew that it was necessary to take
this step so as to insulate any who
entered into the license agreement from
the "knee-jerk" responses of those who,
in the absence of understanding that
always accompanies folks' encountering
the unfamiliar, would respond with
"moving away from" (AoK, Ap4, Ap5, Ap7,
Ap8) behavior.)

The license agreement was engineered,
thusly, to be a nothing-to-lose, every-
thing-to-gain thing.

Since I've not been allowed to publish
my work, despite my almost incessant (it's
verifiable that it's been continuous,
except for periods during which I was
just too tired to continue) begging to be
allowed to do such, the U. S. Patent Law
states that all rights to my work still
rest solely with me.

So, I'm going to assert those rights as
is described in this document. Those who
might "take issue" with the things that
are described in this document have
recourse in Court of Law, and will find,
there, that everything is completely
documented and verified in a way that is

1. Those who've taken my work, without
entering into the very-generous license
agreement that I, repeatedly offered,
publicly, years ago, will find that any
"patents" which infringe upon the work
I've done are invalid.

2. I, hereby, state my intention to
assign a portion of my patent rights to
the less-fortunate of Society, with the
sole condition that they have access only
to the dividend income that is due to
any and all wealth that is founded upon
the work I've done. I'll reserve a small
portion for my Brothers' Children. The
portion of my patent rights that I intend
to so assign will be 100% of dividend
income, minus legitimate expenses.
Beyond such expenses, I'll withhold
nothing, except the underlying patent
rights, and certificates correlated to
my patent rights. All the paper, and/or
electronic, certificates correlated with
my patent rights will remain my possesion,
and will be secured and protected so that
the dividend income attached to them can
flow, as is stated above, to the parties
referenced above.

3. I, hereby, invite =all= groups who have,
verifiably, established records of having
worked on behalf of the general-good, in
pursuit of Justice for all people every-
where, to work with me to bring about the
equitable dispersal of the correlated
wealth. Such groups include legitimate
religious organizations, charitable
foundations, and those who've worked on
behalf of social justice, healing the
sick and injured, bringing about peace,
etc.-strictly-in-category, throughout the
world. In bringing your case forward,
provide simple and forthright
documentation with specific respect to
the impartiality with which your organiz-
ation has conducted its affairs.

Due to the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther
King, and to the efforts of the Students
at Springfield College, in which I found
the Obligation that bore fruit in the
work I've done (=Thank You=), I present
a special invitation to the NAACP. Get
your house in order, and come, in justice,
to me.

Due to what's in my own "heart", I also
present a special invitation to all those
who have devoted themselves to working on
behalf of the Children. (Here, I
distinguish between those who collect
paychecks while in the employment of
organizations set up to "serve" the
Children, and those who, literally, work
to serve the Children.)

4. Folks wanting to challenge what's
set sown in this document are, of course,
free to do so. But I state, plainly, here,
that, in such event, on the basis of the
admission of foreknowledge that will be
inherent within any such challenge to my
rights as inventor, I'll be obligated,
under the Law to pursue criminal man-
slaughter, and if the circumstances
warrant, murder, charges with respect
to the parties who've, thus professed

5. Those to whom this document seems not
to apply should not be "alarmed". There
is enough to go around, and it's equitable
distribution will tend, strongly, bring
to you continued benefit to the degree
that you do not stand against it. Be aware,
however, that if you choose to stand
against what's set down in this document,
it is already certain that, in so
choosing, you will put yourselves out
of business simply because folks, at last
having the ability to choose their own
futures will choose not to do business
with you if you choose against their
abilities to choose their own futures,
which is what you'd be doing.

Discussion: There's nothing "sinister" or
"hidden" here. The only thing that's here
is the Realization of that which was
bravely implied in the Declaration of
Independence of the United States of
America... every Life is equally-precious.

Although I did not disclose what's set
down in this document, I met with legal
advisors with respect to this general
matter in the recent past, and although I
understand that the things set down in
this document are without precedent, I'm
certain that there exist no "insurmount-
able" obstacles to it's fulfillment.

(Folks declared their tacit "agreement"
in the way that the "stock market"
declined 210 points on the day after I
met with the legal advisors... and I'm
reminded, too, that it's alao True that
"there is nothing hidden under the sun."

K. P. Collins

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