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XYREM = Gamma-OH = G.H.B =Sodium Oxybate:Approved by the FDA !

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Mon Apr 12 01:01:44 EST 1999

XYREM = Gamma-OH = G.H.B =Sodium Oxybate:Approved by the FDA !

Xyrem is a substitute name,invented by Orphan Medical, Inc*,apparently,to put
back on the US market an old French drug(Gamma-OH,trademark)discovered by my
late friend,Dr Henri Laborit,in France,in 1961.

Dr Henri Laborit can be considered the father of all psychotropic drugs
used,nowadays,in psychiatry because he was the person who,with other French
Drs(Delay and Denicker),introduced the FIRST medicine to treat
schizophrenia,that is Largactil(chlorpromazine).

Laborit always said that his 2 greatest discoveries were Largactil and
Gamma-OH(alias Xyrem,GHB,sodium oxybate,4-OHB)and he advised that "Xyrem"
should be available,freely,to the whole society.

Why? Because "Xyrem" is a Sociabiliser:it increases Sociability while
decreasing aggressive impulses. Thus "Xyrem" is a molecule which can help a
lot mankind to reach a state of Peace and Freedom,after so many centuries of
war,because it helps people COMMUNICATE.

The correct scientific name of "Xyrem" is Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate or G.H.B and
it has,previously,being illegaly and unscientifically attacked by the FDA by
an orchestrated manipulation of the American media and the scientific

The FDA,before approving,now,the VERY SAME DRUG it attacked and
demonised(under the name GHB,in the media),branded "Xyrem" as a highly
dangerous drug,responsible of many deaths,a drug used for rape,and so on.

Now here is what the FDA,through Orphan Med.Inc.says:

"The FDA permits an investigational drug to be used under a Treatment IND if
there is sufficient evidence of safety and effectiveness and the drug is
intended to treat a serious disease(See below the full article)".

In fact,all the campagain of the FDA "Pharisees" against the now approved
"Xyrem" was demonstrated by Dr Ward Dean,an American Doctor,to be only a
smoke-screen...See:http:www.ceri.com under "GHB madness",etc.

Some US pharmacologists wrote me that such a campaign was necessary in order
to be able to re-brand (Gamma-OH to Xyrem) gamma-hydroxybutyrate in such a
way as to make enough money with it because,in fact,"Xyrem" costs NOTHING !

In France,it was sold,for years,for a ridiculous price:about 2 US dollars for
15 gr.

However,after the FDA pseudo Inquisition the price of gamma-hydroxybutyrate
for ordinary citizens skyrocketed...

This was,probably,one reason to make a campaign of disinformation against the
"new" "Xyrem",in fact Gamma-OH.

Another reason is that "Xyrem" is a fast and effective anti-depressant and
anti anxiety agent(for panic attacks). Thus the global marketing of such a
low cost medication would just endanger the whole business of very expensive
anti-depressants like Prozac and other inhumanely expensive anti-depressants.
"Xyrem" seems also effective in compulsive-obsessional disorders and might be
useful in negative schizophrenia and anorexia and,generally speaking,all

"Xyrem",I was told,was a danger to the US pharmaceutics unless it could be
sold at high prices and for certain indications not related with depression
and anxiety!

Now "Xyrem" is approved by the FDA! I urge American people and all other to
fight until "Xyrem" is put at the disposition of all mankind and at the lowest
possible cost.

Gamma-OH/Xyrem is a truely extraordinary molecule which can alleviate a lot of
human suffering. It should be FREED,as fast as possible,and made available for
all the people who may need it.

Cheers to all,

Claude de Contrecoeur

Note:Now that Americans have discovered,again(remember Nixon)that even their
very President could blatantly lie they should not be astonished that other
gov.agencies lie too!

* Orphan Medical Announces FDA Approval to Initiate
                       A Treatment IND Program
                 for Xyrem (Sodium Oxybate) Oral Solution

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota ­ December 17, 1998 ­ Orphan Medical, Inc. (Nasdaq:
ORPH) announced today the approval by the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) of a Treatment IND (Investigational New Drug) for Xyrem (sodium
oxybate) oral solution.

Claude de Contrecoeur's comments:As you can see the usual scientific name of
GHB is avoided by using the very rare name of "sodium oxybate"!!!

Xyrem is intended to treat narcolepsy, including
the reduction of cataplexy. Narcolepsy is a chronic neurologic disorder
characterized primarily by unavoidable daytime sleep episodes and
cataplexy. Cataplexy, a sudden and often total loss of muscle control,
affects the majority of narcolepsy patients. Narcolepsy is estimated to
affect at least 125,000 patients in the United States.

During the Treatment IND, expected to begin in the first quarter of 1999,
the Company will collect additional clinical data necessary for the
submission of a new drug application (NDA) to the FDA. The FDA permits an
investigational drug to be used under a Treatment IND if there is
sufficient evidence of safety and effectiveness and the drug is intended to
treat a serious disease.

Claude de Contrecoeur's comments:Statement which contradicts all the
disinformation campaign of the FDA...

``This is a very important milestone for Orphan Medical,'' said John
Bullion, CEO of Orphan Medical. ``The initiation of a Treatment IND will
enable the company to seek reimbursement for certain development costs
while we gather additional clinical data.''

Claude de Contrecoeur's comments: As you can see money is the big thing in
this Xyrem story,NOT suffering people...

The "milestone" is for "Orphan Medical" to get back money!!! They do not give
a damned for people.

Orphan Medical, Inc. is dedicated to patients with inadequately treated or
uncommon diseases.

Claude de Contrecoeur's comments:"dedicated"? Is a commercial enterprise

To this end, the Company acquires, develops, and markets
products of high medical value that address these diseases within selected
strategic therapeutic market segments.

Claude de Contrecoeur's comments:"selected"...which means blocking people
suffering from depression and panic attacks to be treated so "Orphan Med" can
make lots of money!!!

Orphan Medical's Internet Web Site address is http://www.orphan.com

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