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a prediction confirmed

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Mon Apr 12 18:06:32 EST 1999

there's so much, in the sorrow-filled events unfolding in, and around,
"Yougoslavia" that needs commentary.

i heard a Pentagon General, today, sayng that everything that can be done
to prevent "collateral damage" was being done.

this's untrue.

i heard the President, once again, saying that the U. S. is going to
continue bombing in the Balkans until the Serbs acquiesce to the position
of the U. S.

where is the discussion of how this sorrowful state of affairs was entirely
preventable, Mr. President? and when will you stop lying to the American

in an awareness of the curved paths through which behavioral dynamics
evolve, i ached because it's clear that, due to what's already transpired,
all the gains, with respect to peace, so hard won, will be lost, and we'll
have to begin again, in the face of the inertia of hatred that's having new
life breathed into it by the "Beast"... folks are being "bombed back into
the stoneage", and although the bombs are falling off of U. S soil, the U.
S. Citizenry is, nevertheless, right-there on ground zero... any who don't
believe me should write down a reminder to read to themselves about 18
months hence.

it's even questionable over the military long term because the hard won
technological advantage, upon which the U. S. would be dependent upon in
the event of an attack, is being disclosed and dissipated... we've already
witnessed such, with respect to individual weapons systems in Iraq.

i can only ask, "for what"?

to save the lives of those who Milosevic is slaughtering?

i do agree that a stand must be taken against such.

and i agree that, at the late date of these sorrowful events, there wasn't
much of an option to the "use of force".

but the day was lost long ago... when greed and avarice on the parts of
those who are blind to everything other than "profits" stole the
understanding that could have ameliorated the whole situation, and,
simultaneously, opened up the "door" to the longed for peace among all
humans, everywhere.

it's my analysis that the President has long understood enough of this. Mr.
President, you and your colleagues, who inhabit the Isle of Beltway, have
given yourselves up over and over again. it is my present analysis, in
fact, that you are crazed in the use of the U. S. military... you think all
these martial events will divert the attention of the Citizenry from
Truth... but, through your own choice, just the opposite is going to
unfold... "why worry?", you say? after all, you've only got less than two
years left in office?

yes, but the world will live with the rent spirit that you've chosen for
it... when you could have chosen to open the "door" to lasting peace and
supportive friendship.

i'll continue to do what i can to offset your cow-towing to the "profit"
seekers. toward that end, since it's the 138th day of rememberance of the
bombardment of Fort Sumter, folks should take a step back, and view the
"Yugoslavian" conflict in terms of the U. S. Civil War. draw comparisons.
hated, disenfranchised folks... other folks, seeing only that which was
long-familiar to them, determined to preserve that long-familiar stuff at
any cost.

now, jump ahead to recall Sherman's ravaging march to Atlanta... it's all a
veritable "preview" of the "Yugoslavian" conflict... and, lo and behold,
there was Abraham Lincoln in the counterpart "role" of Milosevic... only
thing is, Lincoln didn't have the saving understanding in his possession...
the understanding which has existed for decades, but which has been,
actively, withheld from Milosevic and the "Yugoslave" people...

...it's not Milosevic who is responsible for this war. he, like Lincoln,
has been carried away by events beyond his control.

it's not Milosevic who is slaughtering innocents... it's those who've
actively withheld the understanding that could have ameliorated the hatred.

these folks' hands are dripping with the blood of innocents. k. p. collins

kenpc at banet.net wrote:

> for those who have aok, reread ap4, ap7 and ap8, and you'll find that
> the genocidal dynamics in Kosovo were predicted in-there.
> what recently happened is that the Serbs were in the "zone of
> randomness" (ap4), and the NATO bombing greatly elevated TD E/I leading
> to low-level supersystem configurations (amygdala, ap5) with
> stereotypical "rage" behavior... the bombing disconnected the
> higher-level information-processing mechanisms in the Serb's nervous
> systems, and the result is exactly as predicted in aok. kp collins

remove the "WhoopDeeDo" to respond

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