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A brainstorm for Cijadrachon

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 12 10:59:21 EST 1999

Tails.From at hink.Tank'o'Monkeys (Grrr) wrote:

>Hello, my friend.(-:


I am not sure I am good at brainstorms right now, 
more brain brainslouching.

(Might just result in babbling.)

The first attempt at a brainstorm results in 
Lordly Guru-Bhakterias being shabd all over the floor
in alt.consciousness(ES!).  
 Haven't been e-ing around there in a while, 
anything interesting in the last months?

>I was just trolling through deja 

Read you when at orcing in bionet.neuroshrinking  ;-)

>>after soon awakening
...maybe there were different energy levels & reactions.

>sound within my head - I didn't know if it was just those usual high
>frequency sounds
I regret we are not in some place without artificial ranges and me
with a good load of LSD; wouldn't mind to try to tune a little for
some energies of your brain, especially some temporal ones, and try to
scan high tone ranges a little, though as I am getting older I lost a
lot of perceiving powers there.

BTW, I get what you mean with aura, just that for me most stuff does
not transfer into colour.

Someone asked me some trips ago if the colours are nice, and I heard
of others that it tends to increase colour perceptions for them a lot,
but I guess I am just not very good at a lot of optics stuff.

I am not good in perceiving aura stuff.

If I have someone into "seeing" on sense enhancers I might sort of
softly suck me some energies from his eyenerves and then tune outside
for some occipital energies, and if it is someone into more powerful
occipital energy links I like that.  My brain is not that good in a
lot of such stuff, I guess because I am born a bit late, but if I
smurf me far enough into the shareware of the other brain, then I get
O.K. enough energy perceptions once I adapted systems an itsibitsy.

But then a lot of the halo stuff depends on what ranges we use.

And my own are usually devoid of colour for my perception.

I regret that, as I am aware of several uses of the coloured ones, but
I seem to have trouble to generate them, and have the impression that
in link with another brain I might even impede the other's magic
colour perception to an extent.

Usually in my brain what I call the sequencer (supervising movement
sequences) has eye control, not I, and I noticed several times that
for the sequencer colours do not seem to play such a role usually.

Might have to do with that.

>...speakers they use within the phone - they use a piezo-electric diaphragm,

>...purely for the tweeter quality, because their frequencies are
>all over the place, and it's hard to address them in order to produce
>any precise sound.

Piezo?  Tweeter?

Apart from that my English vocabulary range is not covering those,  
my technical knowledge is so great, that I might actually find the
on-button of the computer, be able to open the fridge door or lift up
the phone.  
Someone lately also instructed me how to turn in a light bulb:
Hold it up and wit till the Earth turns around me.
(To me here seems to be something wrong with the part about 
having to hold it up oneself, though. ;-)

> But the greatest effect is when the refrigerator starts-up
Switched mine off for winter, don't like the energies.

> I know that you do not believe in souls

Correct, I don't.

>Sorry, am I boring you yet? (-:

No, but don't worry, even if you were, for revenge I might just 
bore you back.
>Deviant Col soliloquized:
>> > > Is solipsism not pointless?
>And then he asked, again in soliloquy (which, BTW is the word just
>before solipsism in the dictionary):
>> > Well,is it?

Col, soliloquized, solipsism?
(Too lazy to check what that would be in German.)

>..., that is... to "go" with the flow of the (...) feel/field" and just offer no resistance,
>flowing to where ever it goes, pointlessly.

Somehow I do not know how to smurf "outside" (unless maybe perceiving
just a little of what someone opposite of me "sees" when we are at
playing around with such.)

> the pointlessness is taken out of the dream-mode of being "Brownian" in nature... to being
>inducted into a "flow" against which one has no ability to resist.

Brownian? And why is there no ability to resist?

>> and goes further than structures and forms in it's investigation.
>And the ability to withdraw into the centralized I position 
>to the exclusion of the impinging world-scene is to withdraw 
Know something a bit alike that from LSD brainsurfing 
before I had some concussion back then, 
but not from dreaming, as most times I dream 
I am not even aware that I dream.
In case you know, where is the centralized I position there, 
and is there the ability to "shift" into other areas as well, 
and if so, could you e-mail me some descriptions about such?

> from the dream and become THE dreamer, lucidly aware of the reality... One does this
>by following the "Magnetic Feel/Field" psychocryogenically, that is
>without resistance... When one has finally reconciled one's self to
>the inevitibility of the flow, only then (and maybe not even then) can
>one accept the inevitible results of being caught in that solipsistic

What about artificial ranges' effects?

>A bit of an analogy: Being at one with the central I of the
>solipsistic flow, that is... having withdrawn, to the point of
>ignoring the exterior appearance of solipsistic reality, one comes to

>> Where indeed is love located and what shape is it? 
(I do not like to talk about what I know about that via public

>It is surely part of the equation 
>and yet has no structures.
Within my head it seems to have such.

>Love is the only emotion that is strong enough to prevent


>of the centralized I. 

And which of the I areas?

>> love (...) is, after all the one thing that everybody wants.

Didn't ask some octopei or aliens about that.  ;-) 

Nor am sure that I am always wanting it.
Maybe there are times where it is important and others where I might
not mind that much if there were not other humans on Earth.

>> As Judi says, "The only point to life that I see is in transcending it. "

And how do the other life forms find that?

(Apart from own health factors.)

What if some of the other life is of the opinion 
that there is some point to it  wether she transcends life or not, 
and is of the opinion that there is no own interest or even aversion
against Judi doing so concerning part or all of the own systems?  

>> and while I understand that it is not everyone's cup of tea,

Some might find it plain unhealthy.

>> most of the things that people spend pursuing in their lives can be found in the transcendence of it.

I doubt that.

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