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re- Braindamage due to lack of oxygen

Chuck Kristensen CKristensen at email.msn.com
Mon Apr 12 21:36:32 EST 1999

Dr. Alan Wheatley wrote in message ...
>What Frank is suggesting seems unlikely.
>N2O + H2O Π2NO + 2H+      deltaE = - 1.59 V, deltaG = + 307 kJ/mol
>To convert nitrous oxide to nitric oxide, it would have to be coupled with
>a reaction that could provide more than 307 kJ/mol of free energy.  It
>would also involve breaking the strong N-N bond; nitrous oxide is
>relatively unreactive and, when it reacts, the N-O bond is the more likely
>to break with consequent oxidising properties.  I know that enzymes can do
>marvellous things but there are limits.  If Frank really did see this
>article, the mode of action of N2O that it postulated should not be
>accepted without really convincing experimental evidence in its favour.

Is this what Frank was talking about? I thought he was refering to a
possible effects (feedback or otherwise) of N2O on normal synthesis pathways
for NO.


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