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A brainstorm for Cijadrachon

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 12 10:59:31 EST 1999

>And like all efforts to catagorize, verbalize, digitalize, and then
>communicate the ineffable, we are doomed to fail if we cannot transmit
>the "Magnetic Feel/Field" of the "flow". and that is assuming that
>anyone actually really truely sincerely wants to coexperience
>another's or a common Magnetic Feel/Field Flow.

I tend to not like magnets' energies nor energies of metals in forms
that would not be there in nature.
Generally I tend not to like to tune for unnatural energies nor for
energies too different and too much disturbing my systems.

In case this is an indirect question if you were here I'd not mind if
you were tuning for shareware areas in my neocortex like occipital and
maybe parietal and parts of temporal, but with own I areas I believe
I'd need to know you better before I would give you access.
And with the front of the frontal cortex and the front of cingulate it
depends on my mood. If I am more still also in a verbal babbling mood
then I tend not to like it, if I am in a magic mood, then I tend to
like it.
No transcending tuning for stuff in my body, with the exception of
belly chacra, solar plexus, harmless spine tunings, arms and legs.

>The most interesting thing to note, was the way my mind kept switching
>like an alternating current as I moved the focus of my reality around.
>It was like the experience of ~taking a new route, or even the feeling
>that I were traveling upon a different highway, each time I would
>switch my focus upon a different aspect within the scenery.~

If brain areas are not yet used to magic perception and holding tuning
there, it is possible that you are having hell of a hardware change
running while you are at it, so it would be new routes there, too.

However I am not aware to be using all areas that for me are part of
the mind areas as main tuners, but for me I am a ranges selector in
the limbic system, and part of the cingulate is my playground and in
the neocortex there's hell of a load of tuning stuff there, especially
in occipital and for high tones I noticed I can aim partial temporal a
little. While part of the mind areas like the main emotion generators
are sort of (commanded) nearly off-line from me for my perception if I
am central in my old function as magic energy data selector.

So far I lack your patience to mainly just observe, though to me that
sounds much better. I wish you were living here; would not mind to
watch you when you do it.
And I tend to like to copy me tuning knowledge from other brains.

...With computer: I do not like to tune to artificial stuff, and with
the computer I also do not do it, because it is erratic enough without
me sending stuff into it, too. 
Guess if some parcticer of magic wanted a ticket out of my flat 
to tune for my hard drive or discs or tapes would be a good way to try
for it.

>upon trying to center my self, in regards to this flow.

I never paid that much attention to it, but to me it more seemed like
I am central magic command and tell other stations in my head 
and in shareware in a head letting me use it as back-up (because I
have handicapped capacities) what I want for tuning settings.

I perceive myself to be of several areas, not just of one, I am a
systems unit centered in the cholinergic limbic system.

I am in so close cooperation there with other areas, that with one of
them (on both sides of the brain) I am not even sure if it is my base,
basic to me or if we are two systems so powerfully interconnected that
to me it just seems to be my base.

It does not really matter that much to me, though. For me that is area
of the subsegregators in the own limbic areas and not my area,
and if it were something I'd want to know, there is a trick that might
cost me years to learn, but with that one I guess I could find out
more by watching in other brains. (Level ten magic brain perception
for cholinergic limbic areas. But that sucks. Not sure if it would be
easy to find a brain holding still for that, even if one spent some
years to train the presteps O.K. enough.)

>I could not work out whether the mind and body were being separated or
Depends on the tuning.
To me it seems thata when aiming for enlightenment they are together
but there are tunings where just a few centers in the head and maybe
in the body might be used.

With different centers you can tune for different ranges.

Depends on what you want.

And there organs that can be used for tuning, but they do not like it,
and I value them enough that I would not want to disturb them too much
in their functions by trying to force them to tune to something that
is messing  parts of their functions up.

> I was alternating in flow and being thrown around therein the
>empathy of this flow so damn much, that I could not find myself any
>reliable center.

I seem to be pretty stationary within the limbic system.

>I would, instead, look at the computer, and "become" the flow the

Could you describe that in more detail?

> Then, as I turned my attention to this other object, my
>mind would still be clinging to the subjective reality of the
>computer, and this changing in the focus upon a different frame in my
>reality, was like stretching at a rubber band which connected my
>subjective reality to my objective, so that when I pulled it, it would
>still be clinging taut to the computer. 

Maybe you tuned part of your akasha to that of the computer 
and did not tune differently when turning your attention (in)to
another object.

> "then what *is* the passive/active truth of reality, and the balance therein? 

I like what I heard of Indian akasha theory most.

Maybe in India you'd find best what you seek?

There is very little point (apart from maybe getting me to evade
anwering part of your questions though I know quite a bit more about
few of them) in asking me stuff like this here.

Stick yourself 1.40 opposite to me, match your brainhalves to mine,
take in all points parallel (or the outer ones more than the inner
ones) and try to stop causing axon activity in your brain,
and if it is my magic opinion you want about stuff like that my right
pupil is better full and with the left one it depends on if you are on
LSD as well or not. And if you want brain sector stuff of me at the
momenbt you have few chances, as I take the stuff too often, and you'd
need to wait till I have not taken it for several months and the
unclean stuff here I might not feel to take the amounts it takes to
reach full pupil size for the left pupil and then 2/3 more than it
takes for that, with which I am at the stage where IMO it is best to
ask me about sector functions stuff like your love questions or own I
positions and stuff like that.

You are not seriously expecting me to use public channels like these
to give my opinions about stuff like that to comp.ai.neural-nets,
neuroscience, psychology or the likes?  (Grin.)

And if you want to discuss it more seriously in Westie rooms, why do
you not try physics, best one of the places where they are into
subatomic stuff. Or shaman rooms. They might be less analytical, but
some of them are into stuff like that. "Out-of-body" might have a few
interested in stuff like that as well.

There is one in AOL, his name to do with Alice in Wonderland I believe
(:-) , where I do not exclude that if you thaw him up enough he might
know an itsibitsy about such stuff, too.
I forgot the name and the place (alt.magick?), but someone described
telecinetics in a way in an e-mail to me that I thought he was not
joking (at least the bitsy I understand about it was correct).
Maybe if you find him you might find someone to know ways more than I
now about a lot of areas.

>or something I should be thinking of outside these three notions?"
Why people were murdered here for over half a thousand years for using
senses needed for magic by people declaring someone to be the son of a
god doing stuff that people good enough in magic can do, 
the Vatican shovelling money and power by declaring itself the voice
of a god not to be questioned as to the exact being meant by that
Why part of those senses were not taught to you in your "education".
They are the basics for understanding what is, basics for
communicating with others in the universe, basics for telepathy,
basics for understanding many own functions.

BTW, if I were you I'd consider the health of tuning to some
artificial devices.
If you are still younger the cancer risk might not be that high, but
when you get older it might increase considerably.

>do you want that flow to become part *you* and thereby produce such a biased flux in
>your flow?
In order to reach me myself the stuff might have to go through other
Areas in my head and body seem to like their own flux 
and with some energies to protest considerably if I try to tune them
for THAT.

I believe you went ways further than I did with such, as I tend to
watch the protest rate and if it is too high not tune for what they
protest against.

> or do you wish for *you* to become part of that flow - 
And maybe also I am too ego-centric to so far have wished for that

Guess at some point I should try for a while what you describe.

Maybe on one of the next trips.

>Which, between these two transcending states of reality, of conflict
>within conflict etc., upon gaining polarization/viscosity 

What is viscosity?

>within a fluctuating and shifting state of current, begets a rapid perpetuation
>of linear movement therein the motion of the swift streams of flow.

I was not sure if the translations I read for perpetuate made sense.

I did not get that sentence. Guess when I try to transcend energies
there is not much of a conflict.

Might be a stupid example, but when we were on LSD someone moved the
pot of a plant here, and I tuned for it to find out how it is doing.
It did not like that, as it seemed busy to readjust all its leaves to
the energies around and did not seem to appreaciate me targetting a
good load of mine there, so I withdrew.

There was not real conflict there for me, as for me it was like
someone telling me "hey, not now" and so I buzzed off.
Wouldn't want to tune an instrument and have someone harp around on
other tones while I am at it, and that straight into my ear, either.

> what is the truth of reality? 
I don't understand the question. For me truth and reality are sort of

To what extent some single human now alters own I areas or other
structures  compared to all that is  I guess is not that relevant.

You can alter around in you till you are an old fossil 
and are still not likely to even just understand all in this galaxy

> if I may step out from behind the 'Margot Kidder wood-pile'

> everything in my vision of the passing objects concerned, create this very ghostly tail. 

Ghost here translates to Geist, meaning ghost or mind,
and tends to mean (alive or dead body) human or other spirits.

(You might find it interesting to read about electrons.)

You mentioned the aura of a human.
If someone moves there are energies going off him, and those are not
straight gone.
Similar to heating up a stone in a fire and then using it to bake
something on it or using it in a sweating hut.

I guess that also some energies are reacting with energies around, 
so if they pass others, reactions might still be perceivable for a

>Also, I thought auras were a "feeling" of colors, rather than the
>actual effect of "seeing" them, being the terminology of "seeing
>auras" But colors are quite prominent also.
>Especially blue around the fingers.

As mentioned, my magic "seeing" tends to be pretty devoid of colours
so far.
And when I perceive colours, I am not sure if the transition to
colours might not take place somewhere within other systems of my

Better ask someone else about that.

>It organizes/sorts all your computer components (files/thoughts) into
>a structure composed through a series of synaptic-like connections.


>I just thought you'd appreciate the beauty of this program.
>I don't know if you've yet heard of it, or even may already have it!

>Oh, and to "unlock" it, well.. e-mail for a code. (if you wish to keep
>using it)
Would not mind if you were to e-mail it, though I am not sure I;'d use
it, not am I sure I understood what it does and what it is improving.

Someone mailed one to neuroshrinking to do with comparing thinking and
thunderstorms, obviously not having gotten some major differences. But
it reminded me of a dream I had, where I did some tuning to a
thunderstorm outside (real), and in it got worried a little if such
might raise chances to get fried or not. What do you think about that?

>All The Best!

Aah, but that might just leave you all the second best and others the
third - ... best.   ;-)

I liked to hear of you again. 

Maybe some day we might shabd some Guru-Bhakterias again.  :-)
Or also found some institute where people just by paying us small
fortunes can be riddened of having to be reincarnated - with the
guarantee that if they should be reincarnated again after all, they
can come and demand what we leeched frmo them back. 
(Just, even if they can prove that they were who they claim to have
been, that does not say that they will get it back, grin).


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