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Floating,Fever,Conscious Dreaming and NDE,UFO "abductions"

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 12 17:10:07 EST 1999

>The study of purported "abductees" should,then,in my opinion,shift to the
>neurosciences and psychopharmacology.
>For a conscious dreamer it is very clear that these experiences are imaginary
>and misinterpreted by the people who think they have been abducted.
>Concerning "normal" UFO stories they should,logically,be investigated by
>police officers,like this is done in France,for example,by the Gendarmerie.

If they were or were not abducted what are those good for, and how do
you want to know for all if it was so or was not so?  Have you been
there with all?

>In the USA,the FBI would be the ideal organism which should investigate UFO

IMO certainly not.

The main contact with others for thousands of years in many traditions
was with the magic healers and IMO that is correct so.

I do not foresee peace by breaching that tradition.

And if something was a hoax or not you might not find out anyway.
Someone from Northern America complained bitterly in the net that he
was forced to take drugs after he talked about some stuff and later
the military admitted that it was of them and had been there.
At that time they had denied that anything had been there.
Here in Berlin we had some thing in the air where my father shot a
picture of it and many saw it. According to the US folks stationed
here it had never existed.

How do you want to know who is making the hoax?

Maybe neither for military folks into building stuff and testing it
nor for people boosting it or mental disturbances up with fantasies
much would be won by your attitudes.

And assume someone was really abducted.
What do you want to do, send a protest note out with some space
vehicle to orbits around all other suns in the hope the folks who were
responsible are impressed when hundreds to thousands of years later it
arrives in some system(s) they are from?

Or raise your fist into the sky and curse?

What do you do if someone abducts some and is powerful enough to blast
up Earth the moment he has enough of us.
Do you want to threaten him or what?

Maybe you never thought long enough about why in many traditions magic
healers are regarded as the main communicator to others.
And why it might not be that bad if many follow that example.

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