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a prediction confirmed

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Tue Apr 13 20:49:33 EST 1999

some things...

ken collins wrote:

> [...]

> there was Abraham Lincoln in the counterpart "role" of Milosevic...

if anyone wonders, i reiterate that i revere Mr. Lincoln as the greatestperson
who has ever walked within the borders of the U. S. A.

with respect to the other stuff in my prior post, what's the point?

first, there is no choice for me. silence, on my part in this sorrow-filled
moment would be contemptible.

what's been going on, for more than a decade, is that folks having
"power", in the U. S. and elsewhere, have been seeking to "profit"
through the theft of the understanding. i must clarify my analysis
of what has been the President's role with respect to such... it was
one of acquiescence, so as to curry favor with those who actually
wield "power" in This Nation... it's an acquiescence shared, for the
same reason, by much of both Physics and Neuroscience, btw...
and my position is one of sorrow, and nothing more than that, because
i've long understood the insidious way that the "Beast" works its way
into lives, all stealth, to displace innate compassion with
self-serving "acquiescence"... folks're victims.

the difficult thing, though, is that the victim hood has had the
tragic quality of imposing itself, greatly augmented, into the
lives of the great mass of innocents.

so do you see my dilemma?

to ameliorate the greatly augmented, "domino effect" (remember
the fear of such that was rampant during the Viet Nam War?
ironic that it's actuality that it's been rampant right here in the U. S.)
suffering of the "powerless", i had to take the "powerful" to task.

the transformation that "gave birth" to out present sorrow got its start
during W.W.II, in the "big organization" mentalities that grew
in the war effort... after the war, rather than returning to "normal",
the "nuclear" genie that'd been let out of the lamp swamped
minds with notions with respect to the "goodness" of huge,
win-at-all costs, extremely secretive (withholding Truth by design) efforts.
this mentality was solidified during the Eisenhower administration,
and, from that time forward, This Nation has had only figureheads
where only Presidents have a right to exist... that is, the Constitution
was, literally, overthrown, and the figurehead "government" was
replaced, "without", as they say, "a shell being fired". what
we've had ever since then is an ever augmenting situation in
which elected "governments" have had their "decisions" dictated
to them by the technocrats... the "expert analysts" that came to
be held in such awe with the "success" of the Manhattan Project.

Rather than leading, presidents since Eisenhower (with the exception
of Carter, who never ceased endeavoring, hugely, with respect to
the Oath he'd taken, and the responsibilities inherent, but who was
literally attacked from within by the armies of folks who'd bought
into the group think mentality spawned by the technocrats) have
only sat back and allowed the technocrats to make their decisions
for them... acquiescing... turning to only striving to go before the
Citizenry to say, convincingly, whatever it was that the techno-
crats told them to say.

which leads to this moment, and back to the comments in my prior
msg... the technocrats' nightmare has become reality. they'd long
been feeding off of the understanding... seeking to win "profits"
in all their various forms... weapons systems... intelligent machines,
and just plain "profits" through the cloistered use of the technical
underpinnings of the understanding... the only problem was that,
in order to accrue such "profits" for themselves, the technocrats,
"mighty" as they are, had to actively withhold the understanding
from the folks on whose behalves understanding's work was done.

the "unthinkable" became commonplace... literally, a war, by the
"powerful" upon the "powerless".

while the President of the United States, and most of the rest of the
elected "government", have acquiesced to such (along with most, but
not all, of Physics and Neuroscience), the synergy of the group
dynamic was such that, within it, there was the illusion of "everything
being hunky-dory"... which follows from the technocrats wanting to
perpetuate their "power"... and what better way to accomplish
such than to butter-up the egos of the elected folks? which is
what transpired, and which provided everyone with the
illusion of things being "hunky-dory"...

and, all the while, the folks who actually held all the "power", the
"profit" seekers, were absconding with the stuff of the understanding,
to augment their "power", and to diminish the power of the "powerless".

only (other) thing is, within this group synergy, no one paid any
attention to the Thermodynamics inherent... they all opted with
Alfred E. Newman, "What? Me worry?" ...and Thermodynamics
did the only thing it can do when ignored... destroy order.

and that's where we are today, "thanks" to the "profit" seekers.

so, it's not really the President's war... he "only" acquiesced within
the ongoing, greed driven dynamics while floating upon the sea
of "profit" seeking.

it's late, and you've been talked into a brutal affair, Mr. President,
by folks who had been "discounting" Truth, for more than a
decade (long before you were elected), so that they could steal
from the folks, suffering greatly, "profits" through the withholding
of the understanding... but you've got until January, 2001... 19 months,
to find within yourself the likes of Lincoln, Washington, and your
namesake, Jefferson (born 256 years ago this day), and, with all my
heart, i encourage you to do so without delay... you have the
mandate of the American People, find within it, the stuff of This
Nation's future.

dispel the nightmare that's come to reality at the bidding of the "profit"

...you need only Honor Truth.

"funny" thing... Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you right back.

K. P. Collins

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