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Amineptine superiority over Prozac(fluoxetine)

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 12 19:41:12 EST 1999

> In a 90-day
>multicentre study, the efficacy and acceptability of amineptine and
>fluoxetine were compared in 169 patients with major depression.

> The two drugs did not differ over the whole course of the study, but the improvement in
>scores on day 4 was globally more marked in the amineptine than the
>fluoxetine group. Intragroup analysis showed that amineptine was
>significantly superior to fluoxetine on the retardation pole of the
>mood,anxiety, retardation, danger scale.

If I did not know it's not a joke that someone would try to drug
people 90 days (and part of them with a drug as dangerous as prozac)
and delay that they feel better till the fourth day 
I'd mistake it for a rather sick one.

But I guess if it pays them enough money, generalizing causes and drug
effects and making the utter danger of messing up physical systems,
too, sound like some harmless thingie to be done with 169 humans, 
if it seems worth the profit is done, too.

Pretty sick stuff.

Here street drug dealers selling happy pills tend to make less
advertising for them than that, though some of their pills might blast
systems big style to different settings and away from natural ones,
and not cause so many deaths like prozac.

But I guess they are not getting support in destroying people
completely or just part of their health by state force, to the
opposite, and they risk more trouble with discontent customers than
some psychiatrist drugging some fool till he is off natural balances
and is some chemo-zombie unable to react naturally to others anymore.

With prozac I have been wondering what is what one can get out of it?

I mean, it's seems neat enough if you want to kill someone  but have
too many inhibitions.
And I guess if you wanted psyche-kick someone stupid  if you were to
find a way to convince him that its neat stuff you could zark him in
some into the psyche gob big style, sort of the equivalent of hitting
a fist into his mammal emotions and send him sprawling like a chemical
psyche-cripple not able to interface with others anymore with them as
should be by nature, and that on a level that if he is sensitive he
shouldn't be forgetting that one fast, evil grin....

But apart from low mean potential abuses, what is the kick some can
get from the stuff?  

Talking about using drugs, someone said that his preferred method when
he has psychological problems is to take LSD and look at the problems
and then after 2 hours E.

Sounds like too much cheating for my taste so far, and also not
exactly healthy, but also sounds like one of THE hammer methods out of
psychological trouble.

Leaving out acid-chickens, anyone in the round knowing any 
drug (amped) ways even faster than that or same speed and power but

(Not counting in with a good healer, but solo.)

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