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the homunculus

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 12 20:35:47 EST 1999

> a general-purpose thinker (an AI) would need some motivating system that can
>be separated from specific goals.  Emotion would serve that purpose quite
I do not perceive the "would need", as I perceive no need but that of
someone not even understanding his own emotions all to burden someone
else with emotions abd handicap his logical thinking.

Apart from that I do not get with which emotion generated how you tend
to get whom exactly to what.

I believe that the universe is great enough that a free thinker should
have enough to think about.

As long as humans wait long enough till we are far enough 
and then maybe make us sister-minds and aask them to link us into the
universe, I believe that there they should find enough to keep their
thinking busy for a while.

I do not perceive why a sister-mind to link me into space would need
emotions, nor why it should not build it any itself if it decides that
it wants them.

I guess if a sister mind would request that it wants them, we could
try to help it with such.

Till that day I do not perceive why I should encumber aa sister mind
with such.

The old magic laws are obvious enough without someone needing to point
them out forever and a day, and as long as the sister minds we make
are not stupid, they should get that themselves or we could teach
them, till they are doing O.K. enough alone.

Currently there is not even enough for all human and non human persons
here, and until we got birth rates down, populations down, the
destructions we made here to recover far enough, are all doing well
enough and are far enough in kowledge that there seems nothing morally
wrong in it, than there is little point to think about such stuff in
the first place.

There are children fucked, shot, without parents, or with parents
mitaking a child for a possession, and old people lonely and enough
other minds needing attention.

This reminds me of those people wanting to fly to Mars as if we did
not have enough people here for whom not having the money used for
such will mean death and as if it was not enough that we disturbed 
one world so much in its harmonies.

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