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proof against free will

Ralf Habel phy24605 at studbox.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Apr 15 11:21:08 EST 1999

On 15 Apr 1999, TinyWanda wrote:

> it's always seemed to me that either the brain, which has SOMETHING to do with
> creating the Mind...and even if the Brain is only a focal point, or translator
> to another dimensional reality...
> STILL...
> All that does something which creates the mind, and either:
> a) it operates according to a set of rules, and obeys the fundimental essence
> of cause & effect...
> or 
> b) it doesn't.

I have real hard discussions with my brother about that topic.
As a scientist, I see the brain as a very, very complex structure, so
complex that it can produce something like a conciousness.....
...if you see the brain as a container for nearly infinite data(experience
in any form), the essence of councioussness, free will and so on is the
(My brother means the complete opposite, by the way...)

> if it does, then that's not freewill, the mechanics of the process create our
> thoughts and choices.

That is what I mean, we are acting only on our information gathered from
the world and on our genes(drives for example, but they are just another
form of information)

> and if it does not, then the randomality of the process would not indicate that
> we have freewill either.
> BUT--we do seem to be AWARE of what is going on.

Thats what I am trying to find out, is it REALLY free will if I want to go
to America for example or is it just a consequence of all my experience, 
my couriosity-drive and so on.....

> i'm very much afraid that we live in a Very Cruel Universe in which we are
> Allowed to be Aware that we are Robots.
> either that...
> or--the world/universe/our-reality is very very different from the way that we
> percieve it.

If you watch quantum mechanics, its seems that nothing is even the
slightes way than your everyday experience shows....
Ralf Habel
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