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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 14 05:33:16 EST 1999

(As some English-writing people obviously had trouble with 
"DON'T hit the RE button; don't interrupt this series; 
reply under OTHER headlines" (to fido.ger.grenzwis in German or
bionet.neuroscience in English if you want a better chance that
eventually I download it), the Journeymand Into The Temple of The Mind
series is continued under 4II in German for now. Rooms with people
interrupting the series to often went from the list. There are years
of my work behind some of this, and I am not in the mood to have some
infantile discussions with people who obviously did not even follow
the steps in "students into the temple of the mind" and reaching
journey(wo)man levels, asking stuff or making stupid comments about
posts for journey(wo)man levels. This series is based on the student
and journey(wo)man series INTO the temple of the mind series; who did
not get yet that this was literally an instruction how to access and
alter stuff in the own head and in other heads, stay out of this
series, get the old posts, follow the instructions there, and only
comment under other headlines if you seriously tried to follow
instructions for several trips on the correct amount in the correct
way, and it did not work out, or when it did work out and you wish to
comment on something.
If having questions about the first emotion generator (b.amyg.) or the
fifth magic brain energy perception level, don't ask me via public
channels nor if you are to do with (intending to) abusing others, like
many of neuro, AI,...   
Spare me crappy translations of wht I write, I do not send crappy
English --> German  translations the many times anyone posts to a
German room in English either.  Nor am I your translator.
The start was in English, and if you had bothered to get it, you
should be able to get to most but the too MBD levels yourself.
And of my texts still many of the words. From there guess the meaning
in case you are not able to find something or someone helping to
translate them to your language or one you do understand.

With someone I got the impression that he mistook me having bothered
to write about part of my work in his language as a must for me to do
so. As if his were the only language in the world and his brain too
idiotic to learn a language as closely related to English as German

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