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proof against free will

TinyWanda tinywanda at aol.com.ReMvThs
Thu Apr 15 05:15:36 EST 1999

it's always seemed to me that either the brain, which has SOMETHING to do with
creating the Mind...and even if the Brain is only a focal point, or translator
to another dimensional reality...
All that does something which creates the mind, and either:
a) it operates according to a set of rules, and obeys the fundimental essence
of cause & effect...
b) it doesn't.

if it does, then that's not freewill, the mechanics of the process create our
thoughts and choices.

and if it does not, then the randomality of the process would not indicate that
we have freewill either.

BUT--we do seem to be AWARE of what is going on.

i'm very much afraid that we live in a Very Cruel Universe in which we are
Allowed to be Aware that we are Robots.

either that...
or--the world/universe/our-reality is very very different from the way that we
percieve it.

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