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A problem with "neuroscience"

Sir Knowitall for.spam.reasons.peel.away.until.only.fellin.remains at one.net.au
Thu Apr 15 20:43:00 EST 1999

Certain dynamic and influential ('reality-shaping') aspects of
"Truth" [=the ways things are, have been, and -- perhaps even less certain
or definable -- will be] CAUSE people to instinctively evade not only
personally relevant insights into this very aspect, but any other aspects
that are *"too closely"* pre-consciously associated with such personally
relevant insights (thus they are rendered un- or incompletely conscious by
the ongoing process by which our always more or less transient "focuses
(both parallel and complementary, as well as competing and mutually
exclusive   focuses) of *actention*" are selected (largely, or as if
"centrally", by each our brain).

I am referring the common-place, conditioned-in, dynamic and frequently
co-motivational, brain-states (insidious conditioned-in psychological
factors) that I most simply (as far as spelling is concerned) tag with the
acronym CURSES, and that Janov call "primal Pain", and that have been
addressed in other ways by others.

CURSES do, because of their nature of origin -- IOW, they are by general
definition caused by various: Specifiable "Selective Hibernation" Imploring
Type Situations and/or Challenges; or  [approximately abbreviatable to]

SSHITSC might of course then also be thought to have a meaning that covers
various, "slow" (or only very gradually accumulated -- even as slow and
inconspicuous as to be imperceptible) as
well as sudden and/or dramatic, "trauma".

The insidious nature of this particular "state of (very much humanly
affairs" [or aspect of "What Is
going on"] can be 'illustrated' if one instead use a
spelling *pronounceable CURSES* but derived from: Conditioned-in
Chronically (more rather than less) Kept *Hibernated* [by me
"meaning-stretched" in alignment with all relevant, and by science
thoroughly established, principles and theories], Hence Unconsciously
Retained (Recollected, Reverberating, etc.) {SSHITSC-type}
Stressors (or ditto kinds of life-situations), Effecting **"EVASIVE"**

A statement/label that might be approximately acronymized/spelled something
like ~CCKHHUR(RR)SEES~ (approximately).
(To my mind it is an appropriately spooky/alluding way to spell this
commonly overlooked category of co-motivational factors.)

"EVASIVE" (above) is a pragmatically shortened version of "AEVASIVE".

AEVASIVE stand for: Ambi-advantageously Evolved Vital (in some ways)
"Actention System" Incorporating (in a conveniently central position in
respect of contriving this acronym) Various Endoopiates (or "opioids" such
as endorphins, encephalin, dynorphin etc.)

For all relevant definitions involved in this "concEPT-assisted" reasoning
and "zoomable" bird's view scheme of *complementary understanding and
insight*, see


Metaphorically noted:
Certain people in this newsgroup are particularly good examples of a myopic
and compartmentalised and inflexible way of looking at and "trying" to
understand what is going on. It is as if what is being the focus of
interest -- TO THE EXCLUISION OF ELSE -- are "patterns of bark" on the trees
of the proverbial "Forrest". Not only are certain individuals "stupid" in
that way, but seemingly rather chronically belligerent on top of it all. Yes
I am mainly referring to a certain LeFever. And by the way, I wonder what
useful discovery or interesting and potentially valuable interpretation of
facts discovered by others, has he contributed?

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