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Depression and Low DHEA

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Apr 16 06:23:16 EST 1999

And after I just learned that DHEA can be abused when feeling
"depressed", I guess next I will learn that about testosterone as a
diatary supplement, and after that I might learn that hot milk poured
several times slowly through a sieve with Golden Temple Yogi Tea
Classing / Cinnamon can given to crying people can tranquillize them a
little and relax them more. And that smoking good hash can be used at
different problems at the first day of the period and can also be used
when someone is upset in certain ways to get him to different levels.
Soon I might also learn melatonin can be used for calmer moods,
chicken-trips without and with LSD might be used by an experienced
healer as a catalyst out of no longer generalized "depression", that
chocolate can hve minimla mood effects on some people, that E is
actually seeming to make a mood change though it would take 1 billion
people to pop one every day and another billion to pop placebos,
preferably each day for a year, to be sure about such.
I better straight go to some place and have such concepts registered,
along with loads of other teas, concepts that hormones in anti-baby
pills might cause emotional differences, and then do a round through
the Netherlandish Black Market and US-dietary supplement shelves and
local "Nachtschattengewaechse" and Red Indian special plants and
internet ordering places, etc., to have my great new realizations
about the stuff registered.
As long as you are not hardly ever sleeping enough, are not junkying
with caffeine first thing in the morning, maybe followed by several
other drugs, and are living very much out of tune with nature, and are
real unsensitive, exactly how sense censored does one have to be when
on natural levels or artificial ones one is used to, and then taking
something and watching what is changing?

I'd say with a lot of drugs it takes between 1-3 times for sensitive
people to get hell of a load of data about them, and if I were
interested in such, I guess I'd try to find me one of them
hyper-sensitives, who after a load of hash are still complaining about
the symptoms three weeks later and ask them if they feel like testing
some stuff for me and telling me what it does to them.
I could compare my data to theirs then, and then I'd get a good enough

For that I would not need to abuse lots of other people who are
already having trouble and try to coax them into interrupting the
phase where the rank feelings should be low by nature and maybe
already have reached the sort of out-phase, and the cell numbers
should go down by nature, 
just to mess around with important stages like some little fool who is
not understanding the inner systems well enough to even just
understand what he is interrupting there  just to achieve some
superficial effects  by disturbing natural settings with drugging with
own or own-alike substances.

As if a load of DHEA or junkying with some other drug can give you a
lovely patner and good reliable enough friends, contentment with the
ways you have chosen in life and will choose, enough constructive
self-criticism and inner understanding, etc. 

At least have the decency to explain to your victims 
where part of the surplus of DHEA will go, what the different hormones
that DHEA is to do with  that get altered in amounts  are good for,
why the DHEA by nature should be low in this stage, what the cell
diminishing stages are good for, and what it means if you are
interrupting by messing up internal levels artificially.

Else you might sound like someone who might be interrupting at a point
where the going down of cells is not where it should be yet by nature,
where the out-phasing of the main rank-system might already have taken
place, and then artificially basically altering DHEA and with that
likely testostorone and altering the rank programs and possibly also
the internal cortisol release and possibly prematurely interrupt what
should be taking place by nature, without even seeming to bother if it
is correct to alter rank-stuff and the decrease at that time yet.

To me you sound more like some child that noticed that you can set
leaves on fire in a dry forest and that then the heat goes warmer, 
and trying to do it with many leaves, and being real proud of the
idea, than someone actually understanding why the DHEA levels should
be down in many times of psyche problems, and why this is so.

Maybe you could first bother to watch the down phase if DHEA in
yourself closely enough and the up-phase and watch the connected
testosterone reactions and watch the rank-fighting effects of both
going up or down and understand more about the hypothalamus and the
adrenal glands and the psyche, before you play in other people.

As said, I don't mind some DHEA or some other drugs on and off, once
in a while. And if the mental healer  or the healer and person coming
for help both take a drug(-mix) in the intial session  that is an old
practice among many of the mental healing branches as well.

But to go playing with people for six weeks is plain sadistic,
and I do not understand why you are not doing proper healing sessions
so that after some hours to some days the people can go home and live
content enough and do their tasks in society well enough without
getting on others nerves too much,
like good mentall healers of Earth have been doing for thousands of
and instead mess up people physically on top of everything for six
weeks in a row.

Excuse me, but are you nuts?!

Get a decent drug education at different healers around Earth who are
having the reputation to be fast and efficient in what they are doing,
and where people are content or glad to have them, and do the proper
1-2 decades of training, or at least good enough to not delay so many
peoples finding of inner balances by pushing them physically out of
balance and that for such a long time.

You are a shame for the healers of Earth.

(Probably the next E-seller in front of some techno-disco here tonight
on Saturday might still do a better job at dealing with depressions
than you, though probably never having spent an inkling of a thought
about areas of the hypothalamus, connections to the adrenal glands 
and its substances, why there are alterations in cell numbers after
high cortisol release for a while, what that is good for, 
how parts of this work together, what hightened testosterone via
hightened DHEA might do concerning the relation between the
basolateral part of the amygdala, the substantia innominata and part
of the hypothalamus, programs within and between those, access
possibilities of the own cholinergic limbic sectors into the
basolateral amygdala primary and secondary programs for aimed studying
and alteration purposes when having mental problems
on lower and on higher  DHEA & testosterone  in comparison,
especially in men the meaning of the testosterone being up or down
when regarding the effects of some of the alterations in the
hypothalamus for male human emotional programs the basolateral part of
the amygdala,  and so on.)
Get enough wisdom before you mess around in others.

(All the more if you intend to mess around in them physically 
just to achieve some drugged superficial "I feel better" 
as if the E-trader had asked the techno-hopper if his stuff was good.)

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