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Just in Time for Dawkins

John johnhkm at netsprintXXXX.net.au
Sat Apr 17 03:55:40 EST 1999

The trouble with the meme concept is that ignores our agency in determining
which memes we adopt. I thought the tabula rusa concept disappeared with the
death of rampant behaviourism. Jeez, even Jung's archetype concept put paid
to that mythology.  If the meme proponents got serious and set down a set of
axioms by which to determine the relative effectiveness of various memes
then something useful may arise out of the concept. At present though it
seems to make us no more than victims at the whim of waves of memes flooding
our "tabula rusa" psyches' and directing us any which way they will. In
short, intentionality is no longer a function of us but of the memes which
infest our thoughts. The other big hassle is that memes evolve over time and
in different brains take on differing meanings and results. If they infest
us then memes are as much at our mercy as we at theirs.

Not everyone responds the same way to ideas, and this response is not
contingent of previous memes we have taken on board, or should that be that
have chosen to infect us? I make decisions about what to believe. The
concept of memes is just another unnecessary obfuscation of intentionality
and free will, and we have enough trouble with these concepts already thank

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