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Depression and Low DHEA

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Apr 16 04:26:55 EST 1999

Might be mistaken, but I was under the impression tht DHEA is a
steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands. 
And a metabolic precursor to all other steroid hormones, including
testosterone, estrogene and cortisone.

Though it is not healthy to generate a short 2 h kick by the stuff, I
guess the overload, unless having damaged organs, should be filtered
out O.K. as long as not doing it too often.
It's an old hat that it can be used for that, and some years back I
sometimes did that, too. 
Guess at times I like the aggression potential, the coldness towards
other people, the changes in the first emotion generator, the changes
in moving, the feeling reminding of just having won a rank-fight, the
heightened looking at women that is still lacking the testosterone
touch of sex and yet is sort of spiking out remarkably and the
thing-likelyness that it makes others into. Neatest is the feeling
that the lowish ones around you should make the doors bigger so I fit
As a good old LSD megaalomaniac 100 mg are just what it takes to add a
little tough on top of the loftiness, though that gorilla-like
arms-wing when I work a little on it and target like for testosterone
as well, and some other changes in the sequencer are nearly a bit too
ungraceful on a level.

However when having friends around I am not sure I'd want the first
emotion generator altering like that, as with 100 mg I even get past
higher levels I sensed in males of the stuff, and apart from that what
I take too much is not good for the systems.

There is a difference between on and off taking the stuff to get some
2 hour kick (might be different times for other people, buit with me
the sort of oppositish waver-moods of come-down re about 2 h later,
but pretty short, more like fleeting mood imbalances for about 10
minutes, into the "opposite" of what the high did.

And you concept of finding it THE great method to keep drugging people
over the trouble they have sounds like you are more lousy than a
street drug seller in your moral, as that one might at least randomly
bother to heed some of the inner troubles of those around him and give
some advice, though he might not point out the dangers of his stuff.

Simplified you are seeming to suggest to alter a substance influencing
many other hormones in order to get people to not work on their
attitudes and in order so the "healer" is not having to understand the
real problems they have.

Why do you not say straight:
Junky with body internal stuff where other major hormones depends,
women sensitive and with dark hairs sprouting on their upper lips
better get a shaver, and I won't tell you where what you take too much
on the long run might cause damages.

Get you a testosterone fix as dietary supplement, stick DHEA into you,
find a way to insert other stuff giving a rank feeling boost,
and make sure you interrupt the natural emotions you area going
through and that you prevent to find natural ways to react to them.

Else you might actually take self-responsibility for your systems, and
then how should others earn on you taking drugs.

Be considerate of others, avoid natural settings within you,
and any time you did not care for basic needs of your systems enough
and they and then you do not feel well,
go on ignoring them, and try to fight them and parts of yourself with

That's a good little drug-popping boy.

Next one, bringing me and drug sellers money, please.

Yes, actually that is depressive.

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