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the homunculus

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Apr 15 22:24:41 EST 1999

>Logical thinking is a goal oriented process and it can't generate it's
>own goals.
Maybe your cholinergic limbic areas actually can't.

> In the case of humans our goals are supplied by our genes and
>our social context. These we call "emmotional drives". 
No, we certainly don't.
We tend to discern between transmitters, drugs causing emotional
reactions, hormones and so on, and most humans I know advanced a
little bit beyond just following a load of bio-programs driving them
and their goals.

>In the case of an AI the goals would be provided by us,

Certainly not by me, as I find dictating slaves wrong.

But it fits you that you would like to keep slaves and dictate them
their goals.

If we were far enough I'd like sisterminds to link us better into the
universe, as though I am aware that some are seeming to ask others for
that, I would prefer to not be depending on them for that, and my own
systems do not like me to try to exapand perceptions too far.

We are not far enough now, and so the whole is an irrelavent topic now

And when humans are far enough I'd prefer that we make the sisterminds
like others IMO did, and first let out communicators to others request
instructions about this, and if they do not come up with enough, to
orient us at the others.

So far our capacities are not even anywhere near there.

So I figure we still have many millions if not billions of years till
we are far enough for this, and when Earth is back to enough harmonies
and we are no longer the greatest disharmony causers here but among
the most peaceful of Earth, and the human and non-human persons here
are doing well enough, we guess we can start to contemplate to make us
sisterminds.  :-)

> oriented to the benefit of whoever was paying for the machine. 

Slavekeeper, that's what I say.
Wanting to create an intelligence to make it your slave.

Cyber-spit into your face.

And your machine thinking is primitive beyond word.

When the time should come for humans to make us sister-minds, if I
were still living there, I'd suggest we follow the ones for
long-distances and high compability, following those of others, and
not some clumsy machine thing where I would not even get how that is
to travel through even just galaxy within the time of my life.

I want a sister mind, not some clot.

I do not even get how I would make a telepathic link with your clot.

The idea for me for a sistermind is that it can link with me and many
others in the universe, and not some poor imperfect being here to be
my slave and do stuff for me.

Why don't you get yourself a whip and a slave, and then you can get
others to do stuff for you and play that you are owning others.

Maybe in the maso-sado scene you will find some who like to be owned.

Most intelligent people find evenness a solution that sounds like a
rather free, acceptable concept for intelligent beings.

But now I get why you want emotions.

Have fun at you master and servant dreams.

(The advantage of such is that of the ones I know who know eerily much
about thinking and humans and others, I believe none of them would
share data with someone on inner levels like this.)

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