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Comments about Kollins's A0K (from slighltly edited unanswered email)

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Apr 15 22:24:50 EST 1999

"\"Sir Knowitall\
 Ken Kollins

>My Interpretation Of Your Statement (in A0K)".  
>Reticular Activating Type neurons"
>"Total Situation"

Who loves to Capitalize...

>tuning-precision void
A tuning ... void.

MIOYS the dear (sub)atomic stuff is suddenly in a tuning-precision
void.  Aah. 

>A more or less diffusely distributed and localised increase of neural
>metabolising activity against an ideal back-ground 

And why should it be diffusely distributed? 
Are we talking about some non-human mutation after an accident?

>..."whittle down" that "(...)-precision void", 
>what you are describing as in reality taking place is that. . . 

>That is, our innate needs to be really "Loved" 

Oh, my cingulate gyrus has ever so high an innate need to be really
Capitalized Loved, and the occipital cortex had ever a greater innate
need to really be Loved...       And my right little toe is pining
worse for Love than the other two together...  ;-)

With "our" it might be important for some who are not favouring voids
that much  that you are making a reference which areas you are
referring to with "our".
Also to what your "Loved" is supposed to mean.

(My own I areas ideas about such are not that of the basolateral part
of the amygdala or stuff of the hypothalamus.)

>at the right times and in the right ways,
>especially during our formative stages of our lives.


>... Jean Liedloff...

(Liked The Continuum Concept / Auf der Suche nach dem verlorenen

>conditioned-in aspects of successful self-regulation.
Referring to the own self areas 
or to the other, 
or generalized as the power of the own I to run alterations 
concerning connections to other areas & within?

>MIOYS --- "DT holds that addiction reduces to the minimisation of TDE/I", is
>that the statement is aligned with the notion that "primal Pain" [Janov] --
>an obviously very common conditioned-in brain state -- does very often
>motivate (or at least tends to co-motivate) addictive behaviours (incl. drug

So many of the poor cigarette smokers are in so deep a "primal Pain", 
and all those into sense enhancing drugs, 
not to forget that when someone called here to get me to 
smurf to worrrk and told me to set myself a coffee injection, 
he was sure just referring to the concept people in deep primal Pain
being addicted to some caffeine stuff  and it surely had nothing to do
with people having slept too little and dumping caffeine onto their
heart (for better heart attack maybe with a cigarette and some
chocolate) to use the stuff to override being tired.

What a primal Pain indeed.

>[Re: Page two of ap 8 :2] MIOYS --- The mechanisms of depression is
>activated when **behaviour**......".  The word "behaviour SHOULD IMHO have
>been "experiences".

Does that improve the generalizing use of depression like some Westie
not getting a few hundred of the thousands of basic emotional programs
or what?

> Alexander Luria's The Working Brain ... "specific fibres" and "nonspecific fibres" 
Which fibres does he regard as non-specific and which ones as

> "program structures" ("prosters") functioning similar to "jukeboxes" and good old

Did (/do) not know "jukebox",
was left with  
program structures & (old) summing amplifiers,
and liked that one.

Maybe not coherent, but may be 
because I myself as limbic energy selector(s) react to 
being summing-amplifier(s) to do with other program structures.
I like part of it, even though I did not get the while. Would be a
cool one on a toilet wall in some cafes if it were made the right way
so that it initiates thinking about how "old" different 
program structures are and about summing-amplifiers 
and alterators.
Maybe to while away time  while you shit  to make space 
for more shit to come.  ;-)


Notes: With me if I bother to take a few they have a tendency like
other stuff  to be in the way when I do not need them 
and sometimes not be there when I want them.

But then again it might be that already when I listen to something and
write down part of the stuff if I were more visual I might not mind
Thor's Hammer on the source's toes if he uses something sounding like
"neurotrophic substances" and then not going of what he is meaning
exactly, just about some major effects they have, of which in my ways
I have enough patterns about that  that I get the match O.K. enough
and would rather he goes on about what interests me more.
So what I might find more interesting might be that which is left out,
and instead there might be blabbing for ages about other stuff not
that interesting to me. 
That's like C.Castaneda's Don Juan going on about drug stuff and
"seeing", where though the stuff I tend to use and part of the
"seeing" ranges are different I can follow O.K. enough at time, 
but C. is sense censored and does not know much about such 
and keeps going on about starter stuff while sometimes nearly totally
ignoring stuff of the Indian where I buzz up with data greed 
like Christian-ruined remains of thousands  of years of data"whisping"
by  and this ...,...@,#!, ..., .... dip-him-in-a-ditch  doesn't hop
around longer to get and hold them.
Aeh, sorry, of course I meant to say I like to use the notes of others
as they have the advantage that if you lose them you can buy them
again in a shop. But unfortunately those taking them, though possibly
remarkable in a lot and though I might be very glad about their work,
at times, like also speakers/ sources for taking own notes, 
might ignore very much what interests me.

Apart from such problems with notes  with own ones I figure 
with most I'd be to lazy to read them all again anyway 
(and with small lettered ones when older maybe not able to), 
and apart from that I doubt that after I croaked someone cleaning up
what I left would like to carry truckloads of paperstuff into the bin 
or maybe, if I said so first, into some nice memorial fire.

...But if you lost the stuff and it bugs you, maybe try to recall
where you perceived it last, and if it was outside your flat / living
place, then maybe keep hanging up little papers for a while in the
most likely places where you might have lost it and write REWARD 
in fat letters.  (If it should be just a rusty small coin and a cup of
tea, you don't need to mention that in detail.  Just enough so it
might increase chances to get the stuff back if it was so valuable to
you inside.)

With me, I tend to sort of ask "the sequencer", 
like where it last recalls the car keys. With bad luck the answer
is:"In the ignition lock" and then I recall that I went out the other
door, because on the driver's side there wasn't enough space, and the
other door can be locked without needing a key.

In other words the result might not always be pleasing. 
But with me it tends to help me if I try to recall the last place
where I perceived the item(s).

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