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Depression and Low DHEA

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Apr 18 19:53:38 EST 1999

>... based on this hypothesis, anything that lowers DHEA, 
>such as infections, disease, lack of food, etc., may
>result in depression. 

I better don't tell you what I think about your generalized disease,
infection, lack of food, depression and so on.
Obviously you are not hesitating to generalize lots of people and lot
of different aspects to make stuff fit to your theories.

I guess it is futile to point out that usually I do not tend to be
depressed when I am ill and that once fever goes to around 39.7 o C
(or I got decision request for steering up or down in the 38s and
decided for up into the 39s)  I tend to like that quite a bit.

But I guess RANK-FIGHTING could be hammering into your eyes and you
still would not get the connection of why DHEA and with it connected
testosterone are altered at certain times.
Why don't you pop DHEA and testosterone into you when having
>infections, disease, lack of food, etc.
and any time that emotions are not the way that you want them.

Best you make it like psychiatry giving people who already did not
provide correctly for their systems drugs to mess them up more.

Just any time some disease or your lack of providing for your systems'
needs  messed something up  just mess the systems up more by sticking
in artificial hormones, transmitters, blockers and other drugs.

Best do it not just six weeks, but until the receptor molecules and
regulating and other systems have been so messed up for so long, that
you are crippled and imbalanced for live.

As long as you do so to yourself I do not mind, I just mind if you are
making propaganda for messing up other people's hormone levels.

(If you had suggested to use some drug ONCE on and off in constructive
mental healing work I probably would not have minded that much 
and more been interested in the mental healing work.
 As like many other drugs I tried DHEA, and within what you generalize
as depression for others find a chicken-trip more effective.
Though as an LSD teacher I of course prefer LSD.)

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