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Depression and Low DHEA

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Apr 18 19:53:35 EST 1999

>effects of DHEA alone at the cell surface and on DNA.

What effects does it have on DNA?

>However, some people remain depressed for unusually lengthy periods and to
>degrees which are not appropriate.

Appropriate according to whom?

Are you trying to say that the main emotion generators and other
systesm were supplied correctly and the own areas had correct
attitudes, and yet some generalized "depression" is supposed to still
be there?

That sounds rather unlikley to me.

It sounds more likely that whoever is into such did not even bother
enough to specify what the exact problems are and cares so little,
that he rather goes for using some "wishiwashi" generalized term like

>"A Theory of the Control of the Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Homo
>sapiens by the Interaction of Dehydroepiandrosterone and the Amygdala,"

Which part(s) of the amygdala?

(But I guess if out for disturbing natural settings of others for six
weeks (!!!), it is not relevant to  from the undifferentiated amygdala
via the substantia innominate  take a look at the hypothalamus and
what alterations there cause in the adrenal glands and a human
(fe)male basolateral part of the amygdala.  
...Where good mental healers & telepaths might be concerned if they
were to take more than  the several days that have been common for
many mental healers & practicers of magic  around the globe for as
long as recollection of some goes backwards, you seem to not even find
it worrying that you are taking that long. You must be utterly bad as
a telepath. Drugging people disturbing their natural settings 
is not is not going to make up for that you are not seeming to have
basic skills required for a good mental healer.)

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