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the homunculus

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Apr 18 19:53:26 EST 1999

As the concept was for link-minds and to ask wise practicers of
different areas of Earth to be wise teachers,
the idea of telling them stuff and using verbal communication was a
bit surprising to me. Guess the though so faar had not occurred to me
seriously enough. But  I thought a bit about it how instead of just
direct links also word ones could be used, and I believe the first
concepts were forming.
But all in all I find it a waste of thoughts, as we are not even far
enought that the human minds here are all feeling O.K. enough, are
still at hitting each other over the head, at greeding metals out of
Earth and disturbing Earth harmonies and maybe even minor ones in our
solar system by now, and are multiplying like a plague for Earth
leaving less and less nature for us and others.

So it is a bit like thinking about giving metal swords to little
egocentric violent children who even when practicing with wooden ones
are not far enough yet to heed the well-fare of the other more than
the own aggression programs.

If listening to news occasionally
and instead of something new  
getting old violence principles
and pretty much nothing new about those 
but the variations, 
that has even been suffficient to not even bother most of the times to
the "news" because likely it will be the same old violence stuff in
different versions over.

Even before I turn them on, I could predict that likely it is about
people not accepting evenness and via dictatorship or democracy or
more limited oligarchy or in other forms trying to declare territory
and people on it theirs. And if those do not wish to do with them
declare intentions of violence or go for practical violence.
And in between going in hoards at teach other, shooting men, raping
women and older children, burning and bombing down living places, and
often stealing and torturing, too.

Some of those watching the shows might be at eating persons of other
mammal kinds while they are at it, not even wasting a thought at what
the one for whose upringing as a prisoner and whose murdering paid
went through, and likely not even having asked when they bought part
of his or her corpse if the child at least was as long with the
parents as is custom there and in what conditions (s)he grew up.

If there are children, they might straight be declared possessions,
and even when they reach the end of childhood from many people(s) be
treated like possessions for several years onwards, and as soon as
they are officially freed of parents possessions, in the possessive
cultures usually then they are forced to get some paper or plastic
stuff declaring them the possession of someone else, in extreme cases
such possession paper being called identity.

I assume that you must come from some place like this that you want to
possess other minds and dictate them what to think about
and be their dictator


I guess that is also why the telling the other stuff and the verbal
stuff seems so relevant to you.
For me it would be relevant that the link-minds might be willing to
link me into the universe.

The way your possession mania is interesting for you, if this was
another age and they were there, I might wonder if they'd be like some
human telepaths not having much patience with handicapped folks or
just a little and then soon buzz off or do other stuff I can't, and
I'd be sort of left longing for that as well but not able too, or if
they might not mind to have ways more patience than average humans
ever might, so that I have time to learn more my speed and it does not
matter so much that I cannot do many of the standard telepathic links
but I could use my odd ones instead, and we could play till we get it

I guess I might be interested in asking if the link-mind could record
and show me some of the human ranges I enjoy but cannot do, too, 
and maybe wonder if the link-mind could imitate some well enough so I
get them well enough eventually, and I let the link-mind play in some
of the external sectors of my brain. Suppose I could go in front of a
mirror and tune for different ones myself so that the range are
understood better and then release central command of them to the
link- mind.

I assume with games like that the other might find them interesting
to, cause it could tune for my shareware and for part of its shareware
ranges, and leran more about mind linking.

I'd enjoy that very much, and I do not exclude that a link mind might
like to perceive in/with some of the areas of my brain and perceive
how that works.

We are really very far away in our vague concepts.

The idea to build me an artificial intelligent mind as a serf is
probably even more alien to me than for you the concept that I would
like link-minds to link with and learn about here and other places in
the universe, and that somehow I never thought about verbal
communication aspects in this so far.

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