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a seemingly-irrelevant, but highly-relevant experiment

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Tue Apr 20 20:45:21 EST 1999

i apologize to those who don't have the prior discussions, of
which this is a continuance...

if folks boil water for their pasta in a large frying pan (like i
do... really fast pasta, btw, but you've got to hover over the
pan, stirring), they'll observe the following:

as the early bubbles of water-vapor form, one observes them to
"slide" along the bottom of the frying pan, rather than
immediately rising.

discussion: for those who've monitored long-former discussions of
Tapered Harmony, these frying-pan water-vapor dynamics are
analogous to the dynamics which underpin chemical "attraction"
and "repulsion"... the bubbles are displaced due to UES-like
variations within the water's local flowing, due to there being
the phase-shifting to "steam", the latent-heat stuff, and the
non-uniformity that such imposes within the heated water.

in the brain, analogous dynamics occur among the various ionic
conductances... only, within the ("normal"; organically-intact)
brain, the resultant "attractions" and "repulsions" are all
rigorously-ordered... and the brain analogues of the frying pan's
"sliding" bubbles enter, strongly, into local and global neural

while you're scratchin' your head re. the above, spend some
"time" contemplating the fact that what've been referred to as
"attraction" and "repulsion" are nothing of the kind, but "just"
stuff going with the flows inherent the fluid space in which they

at a physical chemistry "level", all chemical reactions occur in
the same way... there exist no such things as "valence
electrons". rather what exist are SSW<->UES harmonics that have
different relatively-stable UES-flow dynamics (a net inward flow,
with an outward flow that's relatively disordered... in rigorous
accord with wdb2t)... all that happens in "chemical reactions" is
that one SSW<->UES harmonic perturbs the UES-flow that sustains
the existence of the other SSW<->UES harmonic, and vice-versa, in
a way that's correlated with a line connecting the centers of
their "compression"-"expansion" harmonics... thus, the
purturbation is Geometrically-biased, and the UES flows in accord
with this Geometric bias, yielding the illusion of "attraction"
and "repulsion", when all there is is stuff going with the flow.

although what's here doesn't get into the various harmonics and
their relative orders, all of Chemistry is nothing other than
what's here, which all reduces to the one-way flow of energy from
order to disorder that is wdb2t.

K. P. Collins

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