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a seemingly-irrelevant, but highly-relevant experiment

ken collins kenpc at banet.net
Tue Apr 20 20:55:09 EST 1999

ken collins wrote:


> in the brain, analogous dynamics occur among the various ionic
> conductances... only, within the ("normal"; organically-intact)
> brain, the resultant "attractions" and "repulsions" are all
> rigorously-ordered... and the brain analogues of the frying pan's
> "sliding" bubbles enter, strongly, into local and global neural
> calculations.

the rigorous order is imposed by the rigorous order inherent in
theneural topology (neural Geometry).

> while you're scratchin' your head re. the above, spend some
> "time" contemplating the fact that what've been referred to as
> "attraction" and "repulsion" are nothing of the kind, but "just"
> stuff going with the flows inherent the fluid space in which they
> exist.
> at a physical chemistry "level", all chemical reactions occur in
> the same way... there exist no such things as "valence
> electrons".

or any other "electrons".

> rather what exist are SSW<->UES harmonics that have
> different relatively-stable UES-flow dynamics (a net inward flow,
> with an outward flow that's relatively disordered... in rigorous
> accord with wdb2t)... all that happens in "chemical reactions" is
> that one SSW<->UES harmonic perturbs the UES-flow that sustains
> the existence of the other SSW<->UES harmonic, and vice-versa, in
> a way that's correlated with a line connecting the centers of
> their "compression"-"expansion" harmonics... thus, the
> purturbation is Geometrically-biased, and the UES flows in accord
> with this Geometric bias, yielding the illusion of "attraction"
> and "repulsion", when all there is is stuff going with the flow.

in Tapered Harmony: it's said that there is
Geometrically-biased"ephemerance" ("ephemerance" = "energy's freedom
to move")

> although what's here doesn't get into the various harmonics and
> their relative orders, all of Chemistry is nothing other than
> what's here, which all reduces to the one-way flow of energy from
> order to disorder that is wdb2t.
> K. P. Collins

K. P. Collins

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